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Dubai's Expo bid deserves success

A reader supports Dubai's bid for the 2020 world fair. Other topics: child safety seats, Ronaldo and bankers.

A reader applauds Dubai's vision for World Expo 2020 and backs the city's bid to hold the event. Supplied
A reader applauds Dubai's vision for World Expo 2020 and backs the city's bid to hold the event. Supplied

Rules requiring child-safety seats must be enforced

I would like to see laws requiring children to wear seat belts or be in car seats while travelling in a private vehicle.

Last week, I saw - and took a picture of - a young boy who was not only not in a safety seat, but hanging half way out of the back-seat window.

There was another small child in the front of the same car, standing between the driver and the passenger seat.

Alan Branson, Abu Dhabi

Incorrect parking fine was cancelled

I have noticed on several occasions, involving my car and others', that Mawaqif inspectors have applied the wrong fine for a car parked after hours in an area marked "resident permit only after 9pm".

The reason indicated on the tickets issued in these instances is "parking in unauthorised places", which carries a fine of Dh500.

However, it would seem that the correct infringement is "parking without obtaining a ticket or permit", which carries only a Dh200 penalty.

When I received my fine, I pointed out the error to Mawaqif and succeeded in having the penalty cancelled.

Paul Lebrun, Abu Dhabi

Dubai's Expo bid deserves success

I sincerely hope that Dubai achieves the opportunity to host the Expo 2020 (Inspectors call UAE visit 'very positive', March 1).

The city has every conceivable facility that would be required - and more. The UAE is a welcoming nation that has shown the world exactly what is achievable in a short period of time.

Dennis Montgomery, Dubai

Ronaldo again shows his worth

I am writing about your report on Real Madrid's 3-1 win over Barcelona (Predictability a problem at Camp Nou, February 27).

I was a little surprised at the score, but this is what I expect from the best player in the game, Cristiano Ronaldo.

L McNabb, Dubai

Banks should seek out young talent

Oh dear, all those talented EU bankers are going to leave (Banks warn bonus cap could spark talent drain, March 1) - no doubt to take up careers in a slightly more lucrative profession such as coconut picking (Coconut men find money grows on trees, February 28).

How are we going to recover from the tragic loss of these highly educated, dedicated and irreplaceable individuals?

Worry not, as there is a new generation of even more financially savvy people coming through who have grasped the fundamentals of banking.

These include my 6 -year-old granddaughter who can not only do addition, but has realised that if she wants an advance of a week's pocket money she is going to have to go without payment another week. What's more, she can even turn on an iPad.

She is also unlikely to throw her toys out of the cot and whinge if her parents cap her Christmas present to a whole year's worth of pocket money.

There is a serious point to this, of course. In today's vast marketplace there is talent in abundance, particularly in developing countries and among the younger generation who, if and when given the opportunity, would repay the trust put in them with interest.

Dan Archer, Dubai

The European Union has made the right decision with policies that are in the public interest.

I wish it had acted earlier to help people directly affected by the bankers' decisions, and held those bankers to account. A culture of responsibility is more important than keeping talent. Muhammad Naeem Ul Fatehr, UK


Power couple misidentified

I am writing regarding Hollywood's power couples offer twice the envy (February 28).

I understand that the article was written with tongue-in-cheek, but it contained an error.

The politician named John who married the Heinz heiress was not the former Republican presidential candidate John McCain but John Kerry, a Democrat and the new US secretary of state.

Ruthie Alexander, Abu Dhabi