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Dubai has every reason to play host to Expo 2020

A reader says Turkey alone is not responsible for rehabilitating refugees. Other letter topics: camping, India, science museums.

As Dubai bids to host Expo 2020, a reader recalls her memories of 1967 Expo, held in Montreal, Canada, which touched on the theme of “coming together”. Ron Case / Keystone Features / Getty Images
As Dubai bids to host Expo 2020, a reader recalls her memories of 1967 Expo, held in Montreal, Canada, which touched on the theme of “coming together”. Ron Case / Keystone Features / Getty Images

With all the buzz and excitement surrounding Dubai’s bid for Expo 2020, memories of the 1967 Expo held in Montreal, Canada, have come flooding back to me. Even though I was only 12 years old at the time, memories from 1967 have been ignited by all the blue snowflake-like logos seen everywhere in Dubai.

My father was a lieutenant colonel in the Canadian army and was frequently away. So it was a real treat when he was home. On one of his trips back to Ottawa, he announced that we were going to fly to Montreal to see Expo 1967. The provinces of Canada united in 1867 to become a country and I believe this was one of the reasons why Montreal was chosen to host Expo in 1967: because it touched on the theme of “coming-together”.

Upon my return to Ottawa, I was so proud of my country and felt privileged to tell my British, Lithuanian, Polish, Czechoslovakian, West African and Italian classmates who were all second-generation Canadians, the many different countries I saw and experienced.

This is the reason why Dubai should host the next expo. Children often remember pleasant memories.

Hosting the next Expo in Dubai would touch the hearts and minds of children who come from the four corners of the world. Stretching across four continents, children would experience the very best from a multitude of nations. Dubai is a “coming-together” of nationalities that live and work in harmony. It would also offer their children the chance to see and experience the excitement of the world’s best exhibitions. So for the sake of the world’s younger generation, let’s hope Expo 2020 in Dubai becomes a reality.

Janet Betteridge, Dubai

Take precautions during camping

I refer to the article Scorpion sting puts camper in a coma (November 12).

My son was bitten by a carpet viper in the Hatta area and fortunately survived. He was with friends and they were all walking barefoot. I would urge those going to the desert to wear proper footwear as it can save your life and will prevent you from being bitten.

Adrienne Doolan, Dubai

Think before you make a comment

I am commenting on the article India’s top policeman under fire over rape comment (November 13). The comment made by Ranjit Sinha, the Central Bureau of Investigation chief, was unwarranted to say the least.

It’s natural for political parties and social activists to demand his resignation.

A person holding such high office should be careful while making comments. Such officials should be aware of sensitive issues and public sentiments.

K Ragavan, India

Turkey alone can’t take refugees

The front-page article Thousands of Syrians living on streets of Istanbul (November 15), troubled me and perhaps others who read it.

People around the world feel sorry for Syrians who are opposed to President Bashar Al Assad, and thus prefer to leave their country.

However, Turkey should not be the one and only country to have an open-door policy towards Syrian refugees.

The official language of the Turks is Turkish, not Arabic, and Syrians do not speak the Turkish language for sure. So, communication between Turks and Syrian refugees is a real problem.

Gaye Caglayan Budak, Abu Dhabi

I feel extremely sorry for those people who have been driven out of their own country and are forced to take refuge elsewhere and live under miserable conditions.

I sincerely pray that their suffering soon comes to an end.

Fatima Suhail, Abu Dhabi

Science museums needed in the UAE

I am writing in reference to

the news report The scientific generation games (November 15).

I think science museums such as the ones in Hong Kong and London should be proposed in the UAE as an investment for the future generation.

Children would then be able to visit science museums instead of going to shopping malls.

Jin, Abu Dhabi