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Dubai airport a symbol of development

A reader welcomes news that the UAE will soon have the world's busiest airport. Other topics: Indian politics, sustainability and Margaret Thatcher.

A reader welcomes the news that Dubai international airport will soon be the world's busiest. Courtesy Dubai Airports
A reader welcomes the news that Dubai international airport will soon be the world's busiest. Courtesy Dubai Airports

Modi represents a threat to Indian national harmony

India's main opposition party, the BJP, is promoting Narendra Modi, the chief minister of Gujarat state, as a possible candidate for prime minister (Modi on the march with free-market message, April 10).

Mr Modi's role in the Gujarat riots of 2002 is well known. He not only failed in his duty to protect the lives and property of the people, he is also accused of complicity in the pogrom against one section of the society.

The then Vajpayee government did a great injustice to the nation by not dismissing him.

Mr Modi is the greatest polarising force in Indian politics. Sadly, the BJP has decided to reap the electoral benefits of this polarisation, knowing that a large section of the Indian society do not like Mr Modi.

The development of Gujarat under his stewardship is cited as the main reason behind his new stature in the party. It seems that development takes precedence over the protection of life and property and maintaining harmonious relations among different communities.

Young Indians are ambitious and demand perceptible development and more opportunities for themselves. But it would be a huge mistake to expect all this from a leader who would also put national harmony at risk.

Muneer Ahmad, Abu Dhabi


Sustainability a regional priority

With regard to Food security and water are linked (April 8), the solution lies in an interconnected, sustainable system for the supply and consumption of water.

There is a need for close cooperation with neighbouring countries to grow food and to improve the way we consume water.

If action is not taken now, the future looks gloomy. Joe Burns, Dubai


Thatcher deserves minute of silence

Echoes of Thatcherism all through the game (April 12) was an interesting article.

The writer, Will Batchelor, uses the terms "us" and "we" while discussing UK football in the eras pre- and post-Thatcher. If he attended the games as an adult, he must be over 60.

Does he remember the terraces, the fear, the shoving, the fights, the total lack of sportsmanship in the crowds?

The UK is now very different from the bankrupt nation of IMF bailout time. Go to a Manchester City game today and while enjoying your seat in a quality stadium, try to recall what it really was like in the terraces in pre-Thatcher times.

Baroness Thatcher truly changed the country and her passing must be worth one minute of respect at British football games.

B Albrecht, Dubai

Mediterranean diet has benefits

I am writing in reference to your story about the benefits of healthy eating, Mediterranean food for life (April 10).

Olive oil is one of the most popular edible oils worldwide, both for its nutritional value and its high gastronomic qualities.

Its high content of unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E, natural antioxidants and other nutrients makes it one of the healthiest foodstuffs.

There are many studies showing the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet, which can generate positive effects when combined with a moderate amount of daily exercise.

M Angeles Tort, Spain

Eurozone cartoon makes its point

Shadi Ghanim's cartoon of a Eurozone economy bus with stars instead of wheels (April 7) was an inspiration.

Keep it up, Shadi.

Youmbu Seba, Dubai

Why no girls on technology trip?

I am writing about the students from the Institute of Applied Technology who visited the Space Centre in the United States (Houston not a problem for UAE technology group, April 11).

It's a little disappointing that all the students were boys.

T Adams, Dubai

Airport a symbol of development

Dubai airport 'world's busiest by 2015' (April 11) was good to read.

I witnessed much of this growth between 1993 and 2009.

A country's development relies on good administration, and Dubai's airport is an example of this.

K Ragavan, India