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Czech cashes in on base instincts

A reader says Lukas Rosol's Wimbledon victory over Rafael Nadal was down to his serve and baseline play. Other letter topics: swimming pool dangers, murder sentences and Sim registration.

A reader credits Lukas Rasol's serve and baseline play for his shock win over Rafael Nadal. Anja Niedringhaus / AP
A reader credits Lukas Rasol's serve and baseline play for his shock win over Rafael Nadal. Anja Niedringhaus / AP

I often see what I regard as lenient sentencing of killers, especially after the payment of blood money (Wife killer has prison term cut by two years, June 28).

Recently, in my home country of the United States, a man murdered his wife under similar circumstances and received a term of 32 years in prison.

His assets were sold and the money, much more than Dh200,000, was given to the family of the murdered wife. There was no change to his prison term.

Is the murdered woman's life not worth more than three years?

Alicia Suwaina, US

Swimming pools a danger to children

The tragic death of a young boy in a pool is really shocking (Farewell to a son, June 29). Parents should think twice before letting their children go to a pool party.

M Naheed, Dubai

Pledge over Sims doesn't add up

Apparently it will take "only" 10 minutes to re-register a Sim (TRA calls in all Sim cards for registration, June 28)?

Assume there are more than 12 million UAE Sims out there. Etisalat has 100 outlets, du has 45.

Assuming there is a member of staff in each outlet devoted purely to re-registering Sims, working 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, and if we assume that the public will organise themselves efficiently to turn up one at a time every 10 minutes, evenly distributed among all 145 outlets, it will take more than three years to complete this task. Gerald Donovan, Dubai


Phone registration is nothing new. Here in Australia, three kinds of identification are required; without it, there is no connection. It is nothing to fear. Frederick Melick, Australia


How sure is the Etisalat spokesman that it will take only 10 minutes to re-register a Sim?

Assuming a person has three legal mobile phone lines under his or her name, would it then take 30 minutes?

Will Etisalat be willing to open its counters beyond normal operations hours? And will Etisalat and du be making the relevant forms available online? Ahmad Zemy Kamarulzaman, Dubai


Poetic justice in Nadal's defeat

On Thursday when the twilight faded over Wimbledon's centre court, Rafael Nadal's dreams were shattered by an obscure 196cm, 26-year-old Czech with receding unruly brown hair.

Upon closing out the match with a 207km/h ace, his 22nd in the five-setter, Lukas Rosol dropped to his knees and his head graced the very same well groomed grass over which Nadal had knelt as champion two years ago.

All through the three hours and 18 minutes of play, Rosol moved like a practised salsa dancer over the baseline.

Slava Dosedel, a former touring Czech pro and now Rosol's coach, appears to have done his homework watching videos of Nadal's most recent triumphs.

Over the years, the play of the grass at Wimbledon has changed. It is slower, with a higher bounce favouring the baseliner.

Rosol stuck to Dosedel's game plan and Nadal met his match.

Hardly three weeks ago in the French Open final, when Novak Djokovic had grabbed eight games out of nine, a rain break came to Nadal's rescue.

The next day, it took much less than an hour for him to close out the match.

On Thursday evening, at the end of the fourth set that Nadal had won, bad light disrupted play. When the match resumed after 40 minutes, Rosol sent Nadal packing.

Poetic justice, perhaps.

SA Najeeb, Abu Dhabi

Toll road hasn't fixed traffic woes

I strongly disagree that Salik has eased traffic congestion (Clear case for bringing in toll roads, June 28). Commuters regularly face agonisingly slow traffic right after the Salik gates during peak hour, especially in the evenings.

Salik's usefulness is only evident during the non-peak period.

The bottom line is there is no guarantee of congestion-free traffic after the toll gates.

Nothing will succeed in easing traffic congestion unless the Metro and public bus services are extended.

Sunil Karjinni, Dubai

Malaria statistics a valuable reminder

I was surprised to read that there were so many cases of malaria in Abu Dhabi in the last quarter of last year (Malaria cases rise by 600 in the capital, June 30).

This story should serve as a reminder to us of the value of public health campaigns, including education, screening and vaccination programmes. Ian Dunn, Abu Dhabi