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Cycle hire scheme requires safer UAE roads to appeal

Readers ask if cycle-hire schemes would work in the UAE. Other topics: authentic poutine, mall wrong to stop eco-products exhibition and education is the key to social advancement

Readers ask whether a New York style cycle hire scheme would work in the UAE. Spencer Platt / Getty Images / AFP
Readers ask whether a New York style cycle hire scheme would work in the UAE. Spencer Platt / Getty Images / AFP

With regard to the bicycle hire scheme in New York (Breaking the cycle October 4), this has been done in various cities around the world as well as New York.

There is Barcelona and Paris, to name but a few. But I disagree about having them here.

The UAE is not a bike friendly place. There are unsafe drivers here and very few bike paths. It is very unsafe.

Rejane Serao, Abu Dhabi

I read your travel article about cycling in New York.

I love the idea of bikes in the UAE. But first we need better rules to protect the bicyclists and many more bike paths.

There are not enough police and also insufficient punishment of those who drive too fast and cause accidents.

I am still totally stunned that the drunken driver who caused the death of Dubai triathlete Roy Nasr, only received a month in jail and Dh200,000 in blood money.

Will that discourage others from drinking and driving?

Brigitte van Bulow, Abu Dhabi

We need bicycle hire stations like the ones in your article all over the UAE.

Ahmed Memo, Dubai

A taste of Canada, but get it right

I refer to Oh, taste of Canada, in the middle of the UAE (October 5).

As a native-born Montrealer, I would like to add a slight clarification to your description of the Quebec snack we know as poutine.

To say it’s “a tangle of twice-cooked homemade fries doused in chicken or veal gravy and dotted with fresh cheese curds” is somewhat inaccurate.

In fact, poutine is French fries, hot and fresh but not necessarily twice-cooked, with a generous serving of curd cheese – or “fromage en grains,” as we say back home in Quebec.

This fresh, mild, springy-textured white or orange cheese is then topped with hot gravy that melts the cheese into the fries.

Late at night, or even at lunchtime, some say this is the food of the gods.

But cold cheese chunks sitting on top of the gravy would be vile!

Joelle Dumouchel, Abu Dhabi

Mall wrong to stop eco-product show

I read about the cancellation of the eco-products exhibition at Marina Mall because the products reportedly did not look sufficiently upmarket. (Future Green 2013 cancelled over failure to make the mall grade October 5)

What is more important – our responsibility to the environment or the mall’s ‘image’?

The management of Marina Mall should apologise to the event organisers and realise their actions have impacted the very image of the mall that they were trying to protect.

Name withheld by request

Philanthropic aim is about education

With reference to your article My UAE: Mohamed Al Qadhi’s plan to change the Arab World (October 4), I believe that all change comes from breaking the chains of ignorance.

Education is the key.

Randall Mohammed, Dubai

I read your article. This is awesome, and yes, these [calls for education] are definitely steps forward.

Cyndi Harrington, Dubai

In your article about Mohamed Al Qadhi, I noticed he said his favourite country to travel to is China and especially to the Great Wall.

Does he know that the human cost of construction has been estimated by some authors at hundreds of thousands of lives?

Name withheld by request

The rest of world relies on the US

The shutdown in the US has once again reminded everyone how much the rest of the world relies on the United States.

Around the world, the media have highlighted how the Americans are going to overstep the current situation, which has been affecting employment.

The current stalemate affects all corners of the world and even hurts share prices, thus creating panic among investors.

All this shows the US still has an influence on the policies and practices of the rest of the world and that Republican lawmakers are damaging the image of the US president at home and abroad.

Ramachandran Nair, Oman

Gitex ‘bargains’ are an illusion

For me Gitex Shopper proved to be a waste of time and money. (Gitex Shopper 2013: Curved screens wow square-eyed fans October 7).

I bought a laptop from there, and found out a day later that you can find the same offer at the same retail store at the mall. I even found a better offer on another laptop, which was not at Gitex Shopper.

Abeer Tohami, Dubai