x Abu Dhabi, UAESaturday 22 July 2017

CSI Abu Dhabi

Little did the Mossad agents who murdered Mahmoud al Mabhouh one year ago today know that their every move was being caught on tape.

One year ago today, the body of Mahmoud al Mabhouh, a founding member of Hamas' military wing, was found in his room at the Al Bustan Rotana hotel in Dubai.

What followed could have been a plot straight out of a Hollywood blockbuster. Dubai Police's long running investigation uncovered the identities of no less than 20 Mossad agents who had entered the country on fake passports. The results proved a major political embarrassment for Israel and several European countries, with arrest warrants being issued for the suspects.

The message was clear. Advances in technology and its effective use by the authorities in Dubai have meant that criminals find it far harder to operate. Dubai's ability to access video footage from several locations visited by the Mossad team made it impossible for them to hide. And as The National reported yesterday, forensics and crime scene investigations (CSI) in Abu Dhabi are now equipped to examine far more evidence, which helps them solve more complex crimes, with better technology and improved expertise. In addition to fingerprints, police can now identify the unique signature left on a single bullet fired from a gun, officials at a CSI conference revealed.

Since CSI was set up in 2005, the number of investigators has risen steadily, as has their efficiency and the amount of evidence they collect. The new CSI procedures have raised the bar for efficiency of police work. Criminals will be facing their own set of bars too.