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Credit bureau will rely on accuracy of bank records

The UAE credit bureau will only be as good as the accuracy of its records, a reader says. Other topics: school fees, cabin crew, Eric Cantor, UK residency, animal rights and Star Wars museum.

A reader notes that Etihad cabin crew are treated better than those of neighbouring countries.
A reader notes that Etihad cabin crew are treated better than those of neighbouring countries.

A fully operational credit bureau, as described in your news story (UAE residents warned credit bureau will lead to years of financial difficulty for some customers, June 10) will be a tremendous asset for the UAE, for its lenders and borrowers, and will also set another benchmark for the region.

As someone who faithfully pays my bills in full, on time and diligently manages my finances, I urge al Etihad to also allow consumers to challenge incorrect bank reports.

I have been trying for more than six months to have my payment record corrected by a major global bank here in Dubai for loan payments I made and for which I have receipts. I have provided copies to them, yet they cannot find three of those payments in their system.

This has affected my faith in the banking system and I fear that if inaccurate information is allowed to go uncorrected, the credit bureau will be the source of consumer heartache instead of providing accurate disclosure of lending and repayment.

Elan Fabbri, Dubai

It’s high time the UAE recognised the importance of a credit bureau like this one.

Waqas Bukhari, Dubai

Tuition fee hikes outpace wages

Your recent reports about increases in school tuition fees (Education regulator allows fee increases at 75 per cent of Dubai private schools, June 12, and 39 Abu Dhabi schools approved for fee hikes, May 19) prompt a question that has been voiced here many times but remains unanswered: How can school fees continue to go up every year when few workers are receiving cost-of-living raises?

Not everyone has their housing and school tuition paid by their employers.

Alan Branson, Abu Dhabi

Etihad cabin crew are an investment

Etihad Airways’ rules that cabin crew who become pregnant within two years of starting employment have to leave if a job cannot be found for them on the ground (Etihad Airways a ‘fair employer’ when it comes to cabin crew rules, June 12) are better than other airlines’.

Qatar Airways was labelled the worst for women’s rights by the International Transport Workers’ Federation this year.

All of its cabin crew are forbidden from marrying during the first five years of employment.

Name withheld by request

Cantor’s loss is also Israel’s loss

When US house majority leader Eric Cantor lost his primary for his congressional seat, it meant Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu lost his man in the House of Representatives.

In May 2008, Mr Cantor said that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not a “constant sore” but rather “a constant reminder of the greatness of America”.

Following Barack Obama’s election in 2008, he stated that a “stronger US-Israel relationship” remains a top priority for him.

In 2010, he met privately with Mr Netanyahu and “made clear that the Republican majority understands the special relationship between Israel and the United States”.

Anthony Bellchambers, UK

UK tax residency is complicated

With regard to Keren Bobker’s advice column (Will UAE resident be taxed on savings sent home to the UK?, June 7), the UK has had a statutory residence test that took effect from April 6 last year.

This makes the question slightly more complex than simply staying out of the UK for one year.

The website for HM Revenue and Customs has more information but the best thing for most British expatriates is to seek advice from a UK-based chartered tax adviser.

Name withheld by request

Differing views on animal rights stunt

Good on Ashley Fruno (Animal-rights activist protests against Air France transporting monkeys for research, June 12)

It is time the world knew what Air France is doing and that animal welfare laws need to be implemented in the UAE.

W Al Riyami, Abu Dhabi

I think she is just trying to get attention for herself.

Natalja Cesnakauskiene, Dubai

This is the museum I am looking for

A Star Wars museum (Star Wars: Episode VII sets likely to be preserved on Abu Dhabi’s Saadiyat Island, June 12) would provide something special to visit.

Carol Lupton, UK

I suspect a Star Wars museum would attract even more visitors than the Louvre Abu Dhabi.

Nicola Jane Ablett, Abu Dhabi