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Costs are falling only if you move for a lower rent

A good time to be date lover A reader expresses enthusiasm for the Liwa date festival. Another offers a theory about why nobody was hurt in Tuesday's construction-crane accident. Still others speak up on the Spanish legs transplant, the cost of living, and other topics.

One reader cites the Liwa Date Festival, which is taking place now, as a fine example of heritage preservation. Another asks for more recipes using dates. Pawel Dwulit / The National
One reader cites the Liwa Date Festival, which is taking place now, as a fine example of heritage preservation. Another asks for more recipes using dates. Pawel Dwulit / The National

Considering all the stories we see every week about rising food prices and inflation, it's a bit amazing to know that life in the UAE is becoming relatively less expensive (Expat life is cheaper in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, July 13).

It's a lovely thought, but if you're locked into a lease then the "more affordable housing" doesn't save you a single fil, while food prices just keep going up.

Ross Ladouceur, Dubai

That was an interesting story, but what's the difference between the price of living for expatriates and for everyone else? I'm guessing that these figures apply to "expatriates" on professional or executive compensation levels, rather than to labourers from points east.

Catharine Lyons, Abu Dhabi

Dress carefully for summer biking

Thank you for the photo and story The heat is on, but bikers can roll with it (July 13).

It is great to see us bikers being given some space. But it is not just the Harley lads who still like a spin.

Anyone who rides around with only a T-shirt on is asking for trouble. I've seen people wearing flip-flops and shorts - they are crazy. It is a good idea to wear a very lightweight long-sleeved vest under a jacket. This helps retain moisture with less dehydration.

Patrick Littlejohn, Dubai

Festival memories and heritage pride

Arabia has a spiritual aroma all its own, with which nothing can compare.

I'm at Harvard University this year, so I cannot attend the Liwa Date Festival, which I love. (Liwa date festival set to begin, July 11).

There is so much about the cultural heritage of Arabia that is beyond fascinating.

I am delighted that the Government is focused on preserving the tribal, national, regional and religious history, customs, traditions, arts and products of our beloved ancestors and of a profoundly rich and interesting heritage, of which we can all be very proud.

My great-great grandmother was from Hadramawt, and although generations of our family were raised as Italian Americans (through her marriage to an Italian man) I have never lost touch with the fascination with and love of the Arabian Desert and Middle Eastern culture.

Although it is only a small fraction of my DNA, I am grateful for my Arabian heritage.

Dr Salee Amina Mohammed, US

But where are the date recipes?

I have a question sparked by your stories Dates just get better as every year goes by and Cooking with … Sylvain Coulon (both July 13).

Linseed bread is fine, but why don't you provide some recipes for date bread, and other date dishes?

Edie Davis, Abu Dhabi

Traffic mess could have been worse

I have a comment about your story Hamdan Street traffic chaos after crane collapses (July 13).

Imagine what it would have been like if half the city weren't away on holiday!

Donald Glass, Abu Dhabi

Medical progress is just amazing

I am impressed that a man in Spain has received a transplant of two legs, and may be able to walk again with crutches in a few months (Legs transplant prognosis good, July 13).

Amid all the bad news and gloom that dominate the news, sometimes amazing stories of good news get lost. In a world where accidents are inevitable, it is wonderful what medical science can do.

Thomas Pakula, Dubai

Turks can't enter EU this way

I refer to Bad timing for Turkey in its European quest (July 12).

Turkey has not improved its performance on human rights, especially when it comes to the treatments of Kurds.

Recently I was in Turkey's part of Kurdistan and saw the brutality of police towards women and children.

The Turks will have to grant the Kurds cultural and political rights before the European Union can accept Turkish membership.

Dario Roco, UK

Killing is ominous for Afghanistan

Your news report Karzai's brother shot dead by assassin (July 13) was sad and painful to read.

The brutal murder of Ahmad Wali Karzai deserves to be widely condemned. This is a clear indication of the power the Taliban still have. Once the US troops withdraw, will Afghans be able to protect themselves?

K Ragavan, India