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Consumers alone are not responsible for thriving counterfeit market

Obama's drone policy does more harm than good. Other topics include: medicines, religion, counterfeit goods, conflict, driving, Tawdheef

A reader blames prohibitive prices of original goods for the thriving market of counterfeit items. Nicole Hill / The National
A reader blames prohibitive prices of original goods for the thriving market of counterfeit items. Nicole Hill / The National

Obama's drone policy poses a threat to everyone

Barack Obama's drone policy poses a grave danger to the whole of mankind, as James Zogby pointed out in his opinion article, Obama risks being known as the 'drone president' (February 6). It's dangerous because it gives a legal right for killing anyone anywhere for opposing the US, such as in Pakistan.

Mr Obama is no better than his predecessor, George W Bush, as he endorses bloodshed in the name of thwarting terrorists, in spite of criticism. Such a policy threatens those who want to live in peace.

Jafar Nizami, India

Cheaper drugs will benefit all

It's good news that prices of medicines will be cut (UAE drug companies agree to cut cost of medicines, February 6).

If the quality does not suffer in the process, the move will benefit many people who cannot afford to pay for expensive drugs.

Muhammad Naeem, Pakistan

Story highlights essence of Islam

Haneen Dajani's report, Islam offers student new life in the UAE, (February 9), was inspiring. Islam is often projected in a negative light by the media across the world. This report highlights the essence of this religion.

One of my colleagues in the UK, a young widowed mother of two, chose to convert to Islam last year against the wishes of her family and friends. At that time she was a postgraduate student, and her family stopped supporting her financially.

Luckily, her Muslim friends and a local mosque came to her rescue. I was always supportive of her decision. I am happy that she realised the true meaning of Islam and finally embraced Islam and embraced the religion. Thank you for the story.

Ali Hassan, UK

Wrong to blame consumers alone

I refer to Shoppers buying fakes unaware of trade's crime links, UAE experts say (February 9).

You did not mention one of the most important reasons for people to buy fakes: unreasonably high prices of original goods. Luxury brands want to make the maximum profits.

There is no justification for charging Dh1,000 for a T-shirt and Dh10,000 for a simple bag. The materials they use are often not so expensive. Many of them are made in China, where production costs are low.

I am sure many luxury brands can make a good profit even if they reduce prices of goods by 50 per cent. That will make original goods affordable to more people.

It's pointless to put the blame on consumers alone.

Action should also be taken to stop fake products from reaching the market.

Name withheld by request

Sense of control leads to evil deeds

Futile resource wars that turned out to be costly failures was an excellent read (February 5). I agree with the views of the author.

Control and possession have been the driving force behind almost all evil acts in human history. It all started when the first human stood there facing another human and drew a line in the sand saying, "this is yours and this is mine". The rest is history.

Jamal, Dubai

Safety seats can often save lives

Toddler killed after mother loses control of car (January 16) was terrible. Using safety seats for toddlers can often save lives. It's always wise to do so.

T Adams, Abu Dhabi

Indifferent attitude at job exhibition

Thank you for the lovely coverage of the Tawdheef Employment Fair, Emirati talent on show for recruiters, (January 30).

I share the sentiments expressed by some people in this article. I got a similar response at some booths, where the representatives did not want to help me.

No one explained to me anything about the reason and purpose of the exhibition. I had the same experience at the last energy summit that was held a couple of months ago.

Please remember that these are general observations.

Finally, I must thank you for the objective coverage of the event. I enjoyed reading it.

Aziz Omar, Abu Dhabi