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Concerns over Singh's decisions

A reader is concerned about the political ability of the Indian prime minister, Manmohan Singh. Other letters topics: attitudes to race, child car safety and rental scams.

A reader raises questions about the political strategies of Indian prime minister Manmohan Singh, pictured with the president of Burundi, Pierre Nkurunziza. Rave Endran / AFP
A reader raises questions about the political strategies of Indian prime minister Manmohan Singh, pictured with the president of Burundi, Pierre Nkurunziza. Rave Endran / AFP

I am writing in response to Thamer Al Subaihi's column, Inexcusable racism in the diverse UAE (September 19).

I think the issue of racism should be tackled at a very early stage.

If children of different nationalities do not see each other at school, then this problem is bound to continue. Some schools are even named after certain countries, which may lead some to think that people of other nationalities are not welcome.

The best remedy is to dispel the misconception about the "other" by hanging out with each other from an early age, at school.

U Ubaid, Abu Dhabi


Rewards better than penalties

I am the father of two young children who have always used car safety seats. I believe a proper seat is the best way to protect them.

However, I disagree with the campaign described in Parents are shamed into child car safety (September 20).

This is a negative campaign focusing on what's wrong, aimed at embarrassing parents. Although it might have some immediate impact, this measure is not useful in the long term.

The only way to change people's behaviour is to instil in them the desire to change, and to respect and recognise it when they are doing the right thing.

So, the focus should be on rewarding those parents who are making the effort to put their children in safety seats.

Perhaps they could be awarded a police-approved sticker for their car window, indicating that they are good role models.

M Alain, Dubai

Ignorance at the heart of protests

In reference to your editorial Best response to provocation is restraint (September 20), insecurity directed towards a religion is evidence of how low a person's self-esteem is.

It confirms the person's ignorance, and from ignorance stems fear.

Nothing anybody says or does will tarnish the religion or the image of Islam. Islam will live on.

There are also double standards here. In Germany and France, "freedom of speech" doesn't include the freedom to publish cartoons about the Holocaust, for example.

Naazneen Nasser, Abu Dhabi

Boniadi stands out alongside Clooney

I'm a fan of Nazanin Boniadi (Clooney stars with Boniadi in new commercial, September 20.

Her grace, elegance and spectacular accent make the Nespresso commercial stand out.

And, of course, George Clooney is pure class.

Ben A, Abu Dhabi

Singh shows he's a poor politician

I am writing in response to Policy Shift condemned from all sides (September 18).

Indian prime minister Manmohan Singh's latest move to raise the price of diesel has been met with opposition from all parties, including his political allies.

Although he is a good economist, Mr Singh has failed to be a good politician.

It is evident that he wants to encourage GDP growth and favour his international friends.

He has not taken care of domestic problems such as inflation, and this has caused some pain.

K Ragavan, India

Emirati students a source of pride

It was heartening to read about the increasing numbers of Emirati students at New York University Abu Dhabi (NYU: start spreading the news ..., September 1).

We at the American International School are very proud that more of our graduates attend NYU than graduates from any other school in the world. And almost all of them are Emiratis.

Gareth Jones, American International School, Abu Dhabi

Listing of musical 'drug' not a priority

When I first read Call to put hypnotic music on drugs list (September 19), I thought it must be an "April fool" story.

There are more important matters for the authorities to address.

Joe English, Saudi Arabia

Annual rent fuels property scams

Property watchdog cracks down on scams (September 20) demonstrates the problem of a market where rents are paid up to a year in advance.

If rent were legally limited to quarterly payment in advance, landlords would be more accountable and the potential for these scams would be far less. C O'Hearn, Dubai