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Cities should be bicycle friendly

A reader likes the look of a dune-busting mountain bike, but also calls for more bicycle-friendly city streets in the UAE. Other topics: buses, vaccinations and store closures.

A reader likes Ian Ganderton's dune-busting bicycle and would like to see bikes on city roads.Satish Kumar / The National
A reader likes Ian Ganderton's dune-busting bicycle and would like to see bikes on city roads.Satish Kumar / The National

Pakistan's efforts to eradicate polio must continue

Pakistan defies Taliban to resume polio fight (January 5) is encouraging news.

To those of us who were immunised for polio as children, it seems incredible that anybody could oppose this proven, potentially life-saving measure.

The facts speak for themselves. Polio has been eradicated in most parts of the world, thanks entirely to vaccination programmes; in Pakistan, it is endemic.

Anybody who opposes immunisation - and that includes a vocal number of misguided people in the West who have been misled into believing that there is a causal relationship between the MMR vaccine and autism - is playing Russian roulette with his or her children's health.

The murder of those who sought to save others' lives is tragic, but the legacy of these health workers must be honoured by continuing the programme - under very tightsecurity, of course.

Mary Morris, Dubai

Bus speed limits a welcome idea

New law means speed limiters on small buses (January 4) is a move in the right direction.

So many of these supposed minibuses are being driven like race cars on the highways and city streets. I propose that their speed be limited to 80km/h.

James Donato, Dubai

Americans need a choice of viewing

I am writing in reference to Al Jazeera targets US market with purchase of Current TV (January 4).

While I sometimes have a problem with Al Jazeera's world view - although certainly not as much as I do with Fox News's version of reality - I think this is an important and positive step.

Americans deserve to have a choice of viewing, and competition, as we are so often told, is a good thing.

When it comes to news, it's important for people to know that there is not just one version of the truth, nor one single way to prioritise and present it.

However, I was disappointed to read that Time Warner Cable has dropped the fledgling Al Jazeera America from its offering, meaning the new station will not reach as many homes as it might have otherwise.

Presumably, Time Warner fears Al Jazeera will offer too much competition for its existing news line-up, including programming from its sister company, CNN.

I don't know if any law is being broken here, but surely America's much-prized freedom of speech extends to being able to access something other than a US-centric view of world events?

Malcolm Lewis, Dubai

Difficult subject to talk about

I agree entirely with Caithlin Mercer's opinion article, Each of us is to blame for every act of violence against women (January 4).

We all need to think about and talk about the problem, and work together to tackle it.

The problem in conservative societies, however, is how to get the conversation started.

Joan Ryan, Dubai

Murder charge for rape suspects (January 4) was welcome news.

The Indian public thinks the accused should be hanged if guilty. This should be an eye opener for anybody contemplating this crime.

K Ragavan, India

Cities should be bicycle friendly

I am writing in regard to Wheels of fortune (January 4), about the introduction to the UAE of a new type of mountain bike designed for climbing dunes.

I'd also like to see bike lanes in UAE cities. I have some fabulous Dutch bicycles, but there is no opportunity to cycle because it is too dangerous to do so on the roads.

I'd like to see the cities made safer so we can all get on our bikes.

Cycling is much healthier than sitting in a car and much better for the environment.

B von Bulow, Duba

Sympathy for store owners

I understand the viewpoints expressed in Customers frustrated as Abu Dhabi shops close down (January 3).

Although the new guidelines will help improve the overall image and appearance of Abu Dhabi, they create an additional burden for the owners of these grocery stores.

The modernisation and renovation process requires a lot of money, and I sympathise with the owners who can't afford it.

F Suhail, Abu Dhabi

With the small shops closed, what is the alternative for customers?

If we want one small item, do we have to go to a big mall?

Abu Dhabi does not have good public transport, so this is very difficult for poorer expatriates.

J Baht, Abu Dhabi