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Cinemas are full, but films are old

A reader complains that films such as Fast and Furious 6 are screening at cinemas during Ramadan rather than the latest blockbusters. Other topics: children in mosques and nuisance text messages.

A reader complains that cinemas are playing old films such as Fast and Furious 6 during Ramadan. Courtesy Universal
A reader complains that cinemas are playing old films such as Fast and Furious 6 during Ramadan. Courtesy Universal

Children welcome in mosques - if they can behave

I'm glad the issue of children entering the masjid has been addressed ('Children should be welcomed in mosques', July 26).

I strongly feel that children who are old enough to understand how to conduct themselves should be permitted and encouraged to enter masjid.

On the other hand, women with younger, noisier children should be encouraged to pray at home, as more reward lies for them in doing so.

The idea of having a separate room for mothers with younger children is also a very good concept.

Women and their growing children need an environment with Muslim sisters around them occasionally - and Ramadan's special taraweeh prayer times are perfect for that.

Jumana Abdul Majeed, Dubai

I think the imam mentioned in your story was right to instruct parents not to bring children into the mosque when they were found to be disturbing the worshippers.

When children do come into the mosque, their parents should keep an eye on them for the duration of prayers.

The sanctity of the prayer place is compromised when toddlers and babies come in wearing soiled nappies. Their parents are showing no concern for others.

It is a matter of common sense. It does not make sense that parents are being told to lodge complaints.

Joe Burns, Dubai

Children should be taught how to behave in that type of setting.

Parents should discipline their children. They should not be allowed to run wild.

T Adams, Abu Dhabi

Cinemas are full, but films are old

I refer to your online video, Ramadan in the UAE - movie releases (July 25), which explains that blockbusters are not screened during the holy month because people like to spend time with their families.

Come to the cinema and you will see groups of people in line buying tickets for movies during Ramadan.

A few nights ago at Dubai Mall, the house was full for Fast and Furious 6 even though that movie was released months ago.

It's because there have been no new movies for ages.

Waqas Amir, Dubai

People have better things to do than go and watch some rubbish violent movie.

Families are most important at this time.

Mihaela Soar, New Zealand

Time to think of the oppressed

Ramadan is a special month of fasting, prayer, togetherness and spirituality.

Over the course of 30 days, from sunrise to sunset, we refrain from food and drink and refocus on strengthening our faith.

It is a time of renewal, but also of reflection on the self and its broader surroundings. In the wake of many challenges, Muslims seek and find strength inRamadan.

It is a time when we hear and answer the cries of the oppressed, exploited and suffering peoples around the globe.

Let us all spare a thought for those suffering political, social, economic, racial, ethnic and cultural injustice.

Samaoen Osman, South Africa

Nuisance texts a waste of time

I am writing in reference to Etisalat and du get 3m requests to block ads (July 25).

When you receive an unsolicited text message, it often says "to opt out at" followed by a number to text.

I should not have to pay for a text message to "opt out" of having someone waste my time.

And how can I be sure that by sending a text message to the number listed, my number won't just get put on a list of people who actually take action when they receive these messages?

Customers should not have to opt out from nuisance messages; we should be able to opt in if we want to receive them. Donald Glass, Dubai