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Child safety seat fines welcome and long overdue

Letter-writers welcome pending legislation that will make it mandatory for parents to strap their children into the car safely. Other letters comment on property problems, how to save money, and responding to Hizbollah.

Zainad Habib, a teacher at the American University in Sharjah, with her 3-year-old daughter Mina. Readers praise a new law to enforce the use of car safety seats for children. Satish Kumar / The National
Zainad Habib, a teacher at the American University in Sharjah, with her 3-year-old daughter Mina. Readers praise a new law to enforce the use of car safety seats for children. Satish Kumar / The National

The news that by the end of the year motorists who do not properly restrain their children will incur fines and penalties is welcome. (Drivers who refuse to restrain children to face fines, July 3).

It's also about time. Some people seem to think that children are safest in the front seat or on their mothers' laps. Little do these people know that these are most dangerous places for tiny beings.

This is an excellent rule that will save lives.

Yousef Al Nakhi, Abu Dhabi


Many children are left unbuckled inside cars. Although data show that the risk can be reduced by securing children, it is going to take until the end of the year to start enforcing the changes in the law.

Why is this? How many children may be at risk during this time?

Samantha Amai, Abu Dhabi


Project's investors seek redress

I was really pleased to read the article Downsized Dubailand development sparks fury (July 1).This project has been delayed beyond the deadline of delivery.

All the investors have paid one year of extra interest due to the delay, and still the project is not ready to hand over as promised to the investors.

The only way out is to join together and file a case in a court of law to get the refund of our hard-earned money.

Anil Verma, Dubai


Hizbollah gets bad rap from West

I refer to the article Nasrallah: 'Brothers' did not kill Hariri (July 3). I would like to say that Hizbollah in the past had been targeted several times in different scandals. But they worked their way up to protect their country with love, dedication and inspiration and always preferred dialogue over confrontation.

The West, specifically the United States, has always been in search of some trap to humiliate Nasrallah and his party but has never succeeded. As the only dictating democracy in the world, the United States considers him as a thorn in its foot which constantly bothers it. The US should realise that direct or indirect confrontation will not make things better in Lebanon, and accusing Hizbollah of things like this politicised case will only further jeopardise peace in the Middle East.

AZ, Al Ain

Temple's city was lost in translation

Thank you very much indeed for the wonderful editorial, Kerala's treasured past (July 3) not only for its contents, but also for its presentation.

However, I feel it would have been appropriate if you had mentioned the name of the city where the famous temple is located. It is Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala state.

K Jacob Samuel, Dubai

Waste not, want not when saving

Saving money can be achieved by changing attitudes, despite the message of your story, Saving must be important, because it's so hard to do (July 2). I have been conducting financial awareness classes for expatriate Indians over the last decade.  From my extensive experience, I am confident that financial awareness sessions change the approach of people whatever their savings goals may be.

Saving becomes easier if we categorise daily expenditures as essential, optional and wasteful. We then begin to realise that we are spending so much unnecessarily.

K V Shamsudheen, Dubai


A smart saver can live on Dh6,000

If Marie Nelson is a real person she really needs to wake up (We need the 'psyche' of a saver, National Bonds chief urges, July 2).

How can she say she only manage to save Dh6,000 a month? That's a significant sum. There are families that live on that.

Tommy King, Canada

The truth about home schooling

The story My life: Bullying and rivalry (June 29) was a good article. People used to ask so many questions about home schooling. Please let them read this article and search the web. They will love home schooling too.

However, the UAE needs to address this home schooling issue. The UAE should provide more assistance to those who want to home school their children.

Mohamed Ismail, Dubai


Welcome change in sea of black ink

The cover page for the Personal Finance section on Saturday was excellent. Great concept.

Nirmal Khanna, Dubai