x Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 22 January 2018

Celebrating the Eid al Adha festival worldwide

While Eid is a time for some to reconnect with family and friends, enjoy the holiday to take trips or picnic, one reader is making it an occasion to quietly reflect on his life experiences.

Eid al Adha, a major holy festival of Islamic history, is once again bringing zest to the Muslim world. People not only sacrifice animals but also get together to celebrate the official days off from work which were announced ahead of Eid.

Everyone celebrates this festival in his or her own way. Some people call their friends and relatives to take part in their happiness and good times; others move out of their houses and celebrate with picnics.

But in so far as I am concerned, I will take my spare time to reflect in solitude on my life: where I have been wrong in my worldly affairs and how to put things straight.

Eid al Adha, in fact, belongs to all humanity and gives us a lesson of the right path, firm belief in God, eternal  brotherhood and mutual understanding.

Malik Khurram, Dubai


Plea for more focus on labourers

Your highlighting of a recent charity auction (Bagging a Bargain in the Oasis spread of Arts & Life, November 15) was well done and beautifully shot. It's great news that over Dh44,000 was raised "to benefit Abu Dhabi community labourers".

But given the attention showered on the bags themselves and the photos of women triumphantly nabbing a "bargain", I couldn't help but feel that your coverage missed the point. The workers this money will help are the point - their stories, their situations, their struggles.

Perhaps a little more focus on people instead of things next time?

Denise Roig, Abu Dhabi


A question of overtaking

In his letter to the editor The duel that might have been (November 16), Mohammed Kanoo stated that the Yas Marina Circuit had been designed to maximise chances for race drivers to overtake each other.

For all the superlatives due to the excellent infrastructure on Yas Island, the track configuration itself - and the resultant race quality - is widely considered amongst F1 fans to be a missed opportunity.

Without a doubt, Yas Marina Circuit and the island as a whole looks amazing but, as was the case last year, it produced very little overtaking, even between cars with greatly varying pace. They have, therefore, failed to produce a decent layout where it counts.

I'd rather they got the road layout and traffic planning wrong outside the circuit and the track layout right rather than the other way around.

Ford Desmoineaux, Abu Dhabi


Repercussions from resignation

Your news article India's telecoms minister resigns (November 16) was nice to read. The telecommunications minister Andimuthu Raja was the third person to quit the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government in recent days. This is an important development in the Indian political arena.

This particular wireless spectrum scam was a huge one that took place over years. The reason for his resignation is that he did not want to embarrass the present administration. I am confident that the UPA government will bring justice and answers to the people of India.

K Ragavan, India


Importance of gluten-free diet

I refer to the article Adopting a gluten-free diet deserves careful consideration (November 14). Thank you so much for bringing much-needed attention to the seriousness of celiac disease.

As one who follows a gluten-free diet because I have celiac, I appreciate your helping others understand the attention that needs to be paid to strictly avoiding gluten.

With family holiday meals like the American Thanksgiving soon, I am constantly having to explain my needs to family members who want to cook or bake for me but don't have the slightest idea how to do so.

Thank you for your enlightening article.

Ellen A, Abu Dhabi


Nice to see, but painful to hear

The photo-feature article Feels like home (November 14) celebrated Istabsir, the Jumeirah Beach Walk, a lively new destination in Dubai that features many shops and restaurants along with cobble-paved walkways for pedestrians.

I just wish somebody would stop all those chopper bikes and cars with noisy mufflers who desperately compete with each other for getting attention by making even more screeching sounds.

The last time I was dining there, I could not bear the muffler noise of bikes and cars for more than half an hour.

Hamid R, Abu Dhabi