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Caveman marketing

A new restaurant in Germany mimics the caveman-era life by offering only foods that our predecessors ate. It's been a long time coming.

You can always count on clever marketing to sell you what you don't need. "Producers" of expensive bottled water and even canned oxygen have over the years aimed to sell us two of the most abundant, and let's not forget free, substances on earth. It was only a matter a of time before being a Neanderthal became in vogue.

As reported by Spiegel Online, the Berlin restaurant Sauvage is now offering a culinary experience inspired by the habits of the Stone Age. Under the banner of "Paleolithic cuisine", the menu consists of only foods that our predecessors would have chomped on two million years ago, such as organic fruit and vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, nuts and seeds. No cheese or bread is allowed and likewise, those with a sweet-tooth would be better advised to scavenge elsewhere.

An new lifestyle that mimics caveman-era life has developed around the concept: some even donate blood regularly on the theory that Stone Age hunters had to bleed for their meals.

We suggest this could be further embraced with foot-powered cars, tiger-skin shirts and Wilma Flintstone hairdos for the ladies.