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Cars and camels are worth a visit

A reader recommends the Emirates National Auto Museum as a "must-see" destination in the UAE. Other topics; divorce, fog and prayers for Sheikh Khalifa.

A reader says the National Emirates Auto Museum is well worth visiting. Amy Leang/The National
A reader says the National Emirates Auto Museum is well worth visiting. Amy Leang/The National

It was interesting to read Ten things to add to your UAE bucket list (January 23).

I would suggest visiting the camel market in Al Ain and going quad biking in the desert.

Name withheld by request

I would suggest visiting the Emirates National Auto Museum on the road to Liwa.

Sajjad Rizvi, Dubai

Common sense is needed to drive in foggy conditions

I refer to Motorists need early warning to stop pile-ups (January 26), about the dangers of driving during heavy fog.

It is extremely sad that motorists in the UAE have to be given instructions about what to do during fog or rain. Driving at a reduced speed and taking other precautions is common logic.

It is difficult to understand what causes motorists to speed or drive recklessly, especially when the weather conditions aren’t very pleasant.

People should learn to drive cautiously at all times and not just when visibility is reduced. Only then can we expect safer roads and fewer accidents.

Fatima Suhail, Dubai

How about a simple, enforced, rule that there must be a minimum distance of three car lengths between vehicles?

In Britain, there are road markings called “chevrons” which indicate how far your vehicle is from the one in front.

That system could work here.

Vijay Ramburuth, UK

I think fog lights should be introduced on all cars.

Mohmed Zakkaria, India

Gang-rape order shames Indians

I am writing about Village elders ordered gang rape punishment: India police (January 23).

That a 20-year-old woman in West Bengal was reportedly gang-raped by 13 men as punishment – on the orders of the village tribal leaders – is a matter of deep shame.

Rajendra K Aneja, Dubai

Marriage wasn’t meant to be easy

I am writing about the feature article Divorce – before the wedding day (January 26), which mentions the increasing use of the “milcha period” in which couples decide whether they are really suited to each other.

Unfortunately marriages nowadays face a lot of hardship because the culture and life has changed in the UAE.

In a climate of high expectations, financially and otherwise – due to exposure to other cultures and television shows – many marriages are bound to fail until people get a grip on reality and realise that nothing is as easy or wonderful as the media sometimes portrays it.

The reality is that hard work is required from both parties and a lot of open discussions are needed before a couple can come to an understanding that will work for them both. Aziza Al Busaidy, Dubai

Some women are asking for crazily expensive weddings and gifts, so I don’t blame the guys who back out.

Faisal Abdalla, Dubai

Thoughts are with Sheikh Khalifa

I refer to Sheikh Khalifa’s condition stable as he recovers from stroke

(January 26).

As Sheikh Abdullah, the minister for foreign affairs, said in his tweet: God preserve President Khalifa from all evil and grant him health and well-being.

Sameer Davood, Ras Al Khaimah

God bless Sheikh Khalifa and bring him to good health.

Christina Murphy, Dubai

We pray for your quick recovery.

Sule Berilgen, Fujairah

I am a loyal UAE resident. I love the country, its people and leaders, and my heart is with all Emiratis. May Sheikh Khalifa recover quickly.

Brigitte von Bulow, Abu Dhabi

May God protect you, Sheikh Khalifa.

Mohamed Fawzy, Abu Dhabi

We all wish His Highness Sheikh Khalifa a fast recovery.

The leadership has transformed the UAE into one of the most liveable countries on this Earth.

They have created a great future for the country and its citizens.

Ramin Salsali, Dubai

I wish Sheikh Khalifa a healthy recovery.

Jasmine Singh, Abu Dhabi

I pray to God for your early recovery Your Highness.

Jenny Gonzales, Philippines.

Millions are praying for you, Your Highness. Get well soon.

Sakeer Thottungal, Abu Dhabi