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Caregivers must be respected

A reader says that many people in the region – but not all – are respectful of parents, elders, caregivers and those in parental roles. Other letter topics: Change in Pakistan, Arab culture, India's image, Justin Bieber and war.

A reader says respect for others, especially elders, is an important value in the Arab culture. Amy Leang / The National
A reader says respect for others, especially elders, is an important value in the Arab culture. Amy Leang / The National

Arabs always pay respect to elders

I was moved by Hala Khalaf's powerful article Treat your nanny the way you want her to treat your child (May 7).

My impression of Arab culture is that it attaches utmost importance to paying respect to parents, elders, caregivers and those in parental roles.

I know that Filipina maids and nannies are highly sought-after because of their diligence and the significance their culture attaches to family.

I have not seen, but heard from reliable friends of appalling treatment and public humiliations some of these women here endure. We must remember that they have to live far away from their homes to serve our families as well as theirs.

On the day I read this article, I had a brief experience that recalled the values that characterise the majority of Emiratis.

As I waited to receive a friend at Abu Dhabi International Airport, I saw some Emirati women warmly greeting their guest when she came through the gates with traditional nose-rubbing and embraces. Each of them then gave the Filipina, who was also travelling with their guest, an embrace. It was a moving moment.

I hope this article will serve as a sharp reminder to many people that they must treat their maids humanely.

SN Preisner, Abu Dhabi

Sharif must work for Pakistan's development

I am sad that Imran Khan did not win the election (Nawaz Sharif declares victory in Pakistan election after early results, May 12). Mr Khan would have been better for Pakistan than Nawaz Sharif.

I hope Mr Sharif will work for the country's betterment. He must keep militants away and focus on the economy. More importantly, he should try to reduce corruption.

Pakistan needs stability, not militancy and war with its neighbours. Wars and militancy do not help anyone.

But Mr Sharif alone can't do everything. He needs help and cooperation from politicians, as well as from members of society. Pakistanis want change.

Abbas Naqvi, Ras Al Khaimah

India should try to change its image

I refer to the opinion article Indian culture, not chow mein, is to blame for sex crimes (April 21).

It's scary that these politicians try to justify themselves and the morality of India. In doing so, they prove their ineptness, indifference and ignorance.

My questions are: how did they get their jobs, and why are they still in those positions? The people must vote them out of office and get politicians in those seats that will truly represent them, and not just occupy the seats of status and power.

India has a population of more than a billion. Why can't they figure out how to get rid of these people? Wake up India. Change your image. Life is about perception.

Monica Carver, Dubai

Bieber was not attacked on stage

I don't think Justin Bieber was attacked on stage (Justin Bieber grabbed by desperate fan on stage in Dubai, May 8). Look at the body language of the person in question. It was more of a hug.

However, no matter what you call it, it was a major security failure. Still, this individual was not walking or running threateningly, as pictures suggest.

The people who failed to stop this person from getting on to stage overreacted.

Name withheld by request

Shun warmongers to bring peace

Conflicts in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and so many other places are not meant to be won but to be a perpetual condition (America's hidden agenda in Syria's war, May 9).

I think many of those who appear to be opposing the wars actually don't want them to stop.

Few, if any in today's world, seem to be genuinely striving for peace. The only way forward is to shun the allegiance to warmongers and go to the negotiation table.

Ursula Riches, UK

Fantastic day of cricket in Delhi

The turning point of the Bangalore match was the magnificent strike by captain Kohli (Bangalore ride their luck to hold off Delhi charge, May 11). Delhi enjoyed a wonderful day of cricket.

K Ragavan, India