Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 14 November 2018

Canadian couple bring Clek’s catwalk carseats to the UAE

Foonf Tank children's car seat. Courtesy Clek
Foonf Tank children's car seat. Courtesy Clek
Last week we brought you the ideal gift for the fashion-conscious mother with everything. Now, with Father’s Day rapidly approaching, why not bin the socks this year and give the dad in your life the ultimate gift – peace of mind, in a bang-on-trend package.

Canadian couple Michael and Jennifer Boocher, best known as the people who brought the salad bar Freshii to the UAE, have now branched out and brought the high end Canadian kids’ car seat manufacturer Clek to our shores too.

The most stand-out facts about Clek’s flagship Foonf – which Clek declares ‘the mother of all car seats’ – are its magnesium core, REACT crumple zone technology (as found in high-spec vehicles), and the structure that allows children to sit rear-facing (with maximum protection) right up until the age of four. Booster seats branded Oobr and Olli are also available, and Michael is convinced the seats are the safest out there: “There is no other car seat I would rather place my own children in,” He says. “All the safety mechanisms in your car are made to protect an adult human – they are not made to protect a child. Clek is honestly reinventing safety standards. The Foonf allows your child to stay rear-facing longer, and that keeps a child much safer. The anti-rebound bar keeps the heavier rear-facing seat in position in the event of a crash. Once the child outgrows the seat’s rear-facing capacity, and is turned forward,the Foonf incorporates the same crumple zone technology that has made cars safer for years. The rigid latch installation and special foam layers surrounding the seat’s frame further absorb energy in the case of a side collision.The amount of safety-led research that parents do on buying a car is so intense, but to then place a basic car seat in that vehicle – to me is insane.”

Clek doesn’t stop at class-leading safety features either – the manufacturer is at pains to make sure its seats stand out from the crowd, with eye-catching designs from names including Paul Frank adding style to safety and comfort. Jennifer adds: “If designer fabrics, bright colours and ultra-modern looking design are what it takes to make having the safest seat fashionable in Dubai – let’s do it, because it might just get the message through faster than gloomy articles about how road accidents in the UAE are the leading cause of death among infants. They are actually responsible for 63 per cent of deaths in children 14 and younger in the UAE, and those are facts we can change.”

The Foonf starts at 3,200 AED, while the booster seats start from 650 AED. For more details and where to buy visit Clek UAE.