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Word from the WEF: Davos in tweets

DAVOS DISPATCH: What observers were saying on Twitter from the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

A Dalek. Getty Images
A Dalek. Getty Images

I always confuse the DAVOS WEF summit with a DAVROS summit. I keep expecting Daleks to announce world domination!


It is not a G7 world; it is not a G20 world; it is a G0 world without global leadership and international co-operation.

Nouriel Roubini, the noted US economist known as "Doctor Doom"

Why Davos (really) is suspiciously like an old boys club for fatcats, plutocrats, and their assorted cronies.

Umar Haique, blogger

In what universe can Davos be more interesting than riots on the streets of Cairo after Tunisia just overthrew its government?

Ashley Raiteri

What I love about these Davos topics is they are so magnificently vague and general.

Jim Jarvis

The gorilla in the room is the US budget deficit. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like that will get dealt with until after the US general election.

Martin Sorrell, the chief executive of WPP Group, the UK advertising agency

In 10 years the economies of the emerging world will be in excess to $20 trillion, which is equal to the US economy.

Azim Premji, the chairman of India's Wipro

Every uncertainty in the world has to do with Chinese politics.

Arturo Bries, professor of finance at the IMD business school in Lausanne