x Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 22 January 2018

TV makers promoting content to sell sets

Electronics manufacturers give boost to 3D content in the Middle East in attempt to lift disappointing sales of special TV sets.

Electronics manufacturers are boosting the availability of 3D entertainment in the Middle Eastto encourage sales of high-end television sets.

Samsung yesterday launched a free video-on-demand service for purchasers of its 3D TV sets. And its rival Sony Gulf recently partnered the Saudi media giant Rotana to produce the "first 3D music video in the Middle East", featuring the singer Najwa Karam.

Mathew Mathai, the general manager for marketing and communications at Sony Gulf, says part of the reason behind making the Arabic music video was to encourage sales of 3D TV sets.

"When people see more local content in 3D, they will be more encouraged to buy 3D TVs," Mr Mathai said. "We are very much in the 3D-content development business.

"We hope that there will be a lot more 3D content development in the region."

Mr Mathai said the company was "evaluating different projects" to create more Arabic 3D content.

Samsung said yesterday that its 3D video-on-demand service had gone live in the UAE.