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Sharia-compliant website offers Muslims relationship advice

Karaz.me was launched in Palestine three months ago and is certified by fatwa.

DUBAI // The founder of a website offering relationship and sex advice for married Muslim couples says he is trying to change attitudes across the region.

Karaz.me was launched in Palestine three months ago and has already attracted much attention, but its chief executive, Ashraf Al Kiswani, insists all of its products and services adhere to religious standards.

Now he is hoping to attract customers in the UAE after the site made its debut at the Arabnet conference in Dubai.

The website offers articles and blogs in Arabic and English on improving sex lives, leading to more fulfilling relationships.

“Our aim is to provide a range of tasteful products to help rekindle the purity and passion between married couples,” the site states.

“Karaz is proud to help foster healthy relationships and open communication by offering a wide spectrum of marital aids that help husbands and wives achieve and maintain an intimate lifestyle.”

The website’s blog shows a picture of the fatwa that permits the site’s activities.

“There is in general a lack of education and a discomfort for professors and teachers talking about this subject openly, so that is why we launched Karaz,” said Mr Al Kiswani.

“It provides marital and sexual aids that are within the realm of Islam, so they have to be acceptable by Islamic guidelines – anything for sexual enhancement, like creams, lotions, pills, massage oils and lingerie, things that can enhance the playfulness between husband and wife.

“Islam promotes anything that helps bridge the gap between husband and wife and it is a firm belief that sexual intimacy is built on strong communication.

“It helps make a happier environment at home.”

Mr Al Kiswani said that with divorce rates climbing in the Arab world, Karaz.me aimed to help couples in a constructive way.

“We have a blog section that has a wide range of topics including sexual health, sex in Islam and relationship advice and tips to make the overall experience for husbands and wives more happy,” he said.

“We want to reduce the cases of infidelity. If they are happy and trying new things, then there is no need to go and look for it elsewhere.”

Mr Al Kiswani said that despite some initial fears from the community about the concept, he was usually able to convince his customers.

“We have a fatwa to say that this is acceptable in Islam,” he said.

“This is a Sharia-compliant website and we are trying to bridge the gap between husband and wife.

“Once I tell them that it is not haram then it is usually fine, and a lot of them think it is a great idea.”


Updated: June 4, 2014 04:00 AM