x Abu Dhabi, UAEThursday 27 July 2017

Most computer users 'do not know they are being phished'

11,000 PC users surveyed by internet security firm.

DUBAI // Most computer users say they would be unable to recognise a phishing attack, says a survey by an internet security company.

Most data theft is done through infected emails or malicious websites that trick the user into giving personal details, which cybercriminals then use for identity theft.

A survey of 11,000 users in the Middle East, Europe, Asia, the Americas and Africa for Kaspersky Lab revealed 79 per cent of people regularly checked their emails and 80 per cent communicated through social media.

"The overwhelming majority of phishing messages are delivered through e-mail or social networks," said Kaspersky.

"Cybercriminals who use phishing as a tool to steal data are primarily interested in gaining unauthorised access to social-network accounts, accounts in online banking and payment systems, and e-shops."