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Dubizzle users prefer cheaper SUVs but Dh17m Bugatti is most costly

Mitsubishi Pajero most popular search but Chiron tops most expensive list

Cheaper SUVs and cars such as Toyota's offerings are popular on dubizzle.  Christophe Jue / EPA
Cheaper SUVs and cars such as Toyota's offerings are popular on dubizzle. Christophe Jue / EPA

Dubizzle Motors, the largest online car marketplace in the UAE, said the most listed and viewed cars were 4x4s from affordable brands including Nissan, Mitsubishi and Toyota.

In a new report highlighting key trends on the platform in the first half of 2017, the site, which says its is receiving an average of over 5.5 million visits a month, said 114,000 car listings were posted from January to July 2017, with the Mitsubishi Pajero leading the way as the most listed car on the platform during this period, with approximately 2,800 listings.

The Nissan Patrol was the second most listed car with 2,561 listings, followed by the Toyota Corolla with 2,429 listings.

Similarly, the Nissan Patrol was the most viewed car by dubizzle users with 5.4 million views, followed by the Toyota Land Cruiser with 4.9 million views, and the Toyota Camry with 4.6 million views, the report said. The Nissan Patrol received over 169,000 replies, making it the most sought-after second-hand car by dubizzle Motors users in the first six months of the year. The Toyota Corolla received 163,000 replies, followed Mitsubishi Pajero receiving more than 114,000 replies - demonstrating that there is a demand for SUVs in the market, dubizzle said.


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“The high number of searches and replies for cars that are considered as affordable and durable in the UAE, highlights that dubizzle Motors users are searching for a typically reliable car," said Jean-Pierre Mondalek, the general manager for motors at dubizzle.

"It is important for car buyers to do their research prior to purchasing to ensure that the car is in a good condition and there are no undisclosed underlying issues. This attribute was highlighted by 81.5 per cent of our users as a key reason behind a previous bad experience with secondhand cars, according to our most recent poll.

“Through our partnerships with CarReport and Sell it for Me, dubizzle Motors is driving transparency in the secondhand car marketplace. With 300 verified cars currently live on the platform, buyers can save the hassle of hidden issues and trust that the car is in a safe condition,” commented Jean-Pierre Mondalek, General Manager Motors at dubizzle.

So far this year, the most expensive car listed on dubizzle Motors was a Bugatti Chiron at Dh17 million.

The Chiron was followed by a Ferrari FXX-K at Dh16m and a McLaren P1 Carbon Series at Dh15m.

The top searched motorcycle brands were BMW, Harley and Ducati, with the most expensive motorcycle listed so far this year being a Triumph CO 1929 Classic Motorcycle for Dh920,000, dubizzle said.

Meanwhile, the most expensive plate listed on the dubizzle number plates section was "A61" for Dh7,999,999, followed by "A64" for Dh7,000,000 and "A2020" for Dh4,000,000 – an allusion to Dubai’s upcoming Expo 2020 - according to dubizzle

Updated: August 28, 2017 07:24 PM