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Social gaming developers playing for big rewards

Traditional video game makers feel the heat from up-and-coming social gaming developers. Here are some key players.

Traditional video game makers are feeling the heat from up-and-coming social gaming developers. Here are some of the key players:


Millions of people have logged into the company's popular games through Facebook. Its best-known games include FarmVille and CityVille.

Market performance US$544 million (Dh1.99 billion)

Market share 39.1 per cent

EA Playfish

Electronic Arts (EA) acquired Playfish two years ago for $275m. "Social gaming, with its emphasis on friends and community, is seeing tremendous growth and this is the right time to invest," said an EA executive at the time.

Market performance $90m

Market share 6.5 per cent

Disney Playdom

Last July, Walt Disney banked on the future of social gaming by purchasing Playdom for $563m and some change. It was recently charged in the US by the Federal Trade Commission for disclosing children's personal information without their parents' consent. It ended up paying a $3m fine last month.

Market performance $77m

Market share 5.5 per cent


The company boasts more than 50 million gamers that plug into titles such as Mighty Pirates, Happy Aquarium and Zoo Paradise. On Facebook alone, it is among the top 10 largest social gaming app developers, with some 29 million monthly active users.

Market performance $59m

Market share 4.2 per cent


A handful of its games, including Jungle Jewels, Fashion World and Gourmet Ranch, have popped up on Facebook.

Market performance $36m

Market share 2.6 per cent

* Neil Parmar

Source: IHS market research