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A Q&A on satellite internet

What is the "Ka" frequency band? The Ka band is a set of microwave spectrum within the 26.5 to 40 gigahertz range that provides high-quality transmission using small antennae. The name was originally "Kurz-above"; kurz is German for "short". The higher the frequency, the more effective communications can be. Other satellite bands, such as the Ku and X, are used primarily for broadcast or radar monitoring services that do not require as reliable a connection as Ka.

What are the benefits of having satellite internet service? If you do not live in an area effectively served by cable or DSL and if you do not want to settle for sluggish dial-up internet service, broadband via a satellite connection is probably for you. The service will work in remote regions, conflict areas and during natural disasters. As long as there is access to electricity, a broadband satellite connection will keep you online.

Will I be able to watch satellite TV while surfing the Web? No, you will need a separate antenna for that. While satellite TV signals can be received by an infinite amount of users within the coverage area, an internet connection is intended for only one user.