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Prosthetics market projected to grow to $23.5bn

Prosthetics makers are adding new features into their offerings for amputees. Here is some of the latest technology.

The worldwide market for prosthetics is projected to grow to $23.5bn by 2017, as the limbs become more sophisticated. Here is some of the latest technology:


Headquarters: Germany

Innovation: Genium

Description: Pitched as a "bionic prosthetic system", this knee joint includes a microprocessor to help step over various obstacles, surface levels and stairs. It claims amputees can even use it to make "a fast turn-and-grab to catch up with a runaway toddler".

Cost: US$70,000 (Dh257,124) to $80,000

Touch Bionics

Headquarters: UK

Innovation: i-limb ultra

Description: Software makes this powered prosthetic hand more versatile, by allowing an amputee to better grip small objects, pinch them or type on a keyboard. It includes a low-battery warning signal as well as a range of artificial skin coverings.

Cost: Not listed, and the company declined to comment.


Headquarters: Iceland

Innovation: Power Knee

Description: This prosthetic includes a motor for above-knee amputees, enabling them to expend less energy when climbing stairs or walking on different levels. It is designed to spread the forces of strain over both legs, rather than just one.

Cost: $60,000 to $65,000