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Nostalgia comes to life with photos from LG mobile printer

A new LG mobile printer is handy for those who want instant printouts of their memories on the go.

As a child visiting relatives in Erbil, Iraq, some things were inevitable. We’d drink tea from istikans, were force-fed food and once the aunties had exhausted all gossip and jibes at one’s weight (gain), the photo albums would come down from the dressers and hours would be spent looking back at family weddings, birthdays and studio photoshoots.

It was a way to share memories and moments.

I still get excited by leather-bound albums with crisp paper (or more commonly plastic) protecting each picture. But nowadays the ubiquitous family album has become a scarcity, reserved for the more cherished special occasions. Memories in print, if you will.

Now LG is looking to bring back the excitement of a photograph with the LG mobile printer. The sensation of flicking through pictures physically as opposed to on a digital screen feels quite retro.

Social media networks like Facebook and Instagram may have the appeal of instantaneous and easy sharing on a global scale. But a photograph has a personal touch, and there’s more meaning to it amid the filtered shots of apple pies and selfies.

The Pocket Photo does not exactly fit into one’s pocket, but it’s small and discreet enough to sit nicely on your desk.

To get started, first download the LG Photo App from the Android or iTunes store. Once that’s done, pick the picture you want to print and choose one of three connectivity methods — Bluetooth, NFC or for the old-fashioned, USB cable. The app is integrated with different filters, so you can fiddle around with various effects before you print. It was, however, a bit slow at times.

Bluetooth was the most reliable method in my experience and in just a matter of seconds, I had a physical 5cm x 7cm copy of my picture.

Oddly the ink smells quite strongly of a horse stable. In fact each picture gives off a whiff of horse manure – not great if you’re the sort that kisses pictures of their loved ones.

The print quality is OK, nothing spectacular. Overall, it’s a nice novelty piece to turn to when you want a picture for your wallet or purse.