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The experts reveal where their own money goes

The financial panelists give an overview of their portfolios.

Rupert J Connor, senior consultant at Acuma Wealth Management. Jeffrey E Biteng / The National
Rupert J Connor, senior consultant at Acuma Wealth Management. Jeffrey E Biteng / The National


Rupert J Connor, senior consultant at Acuma Wealth Management

In his portfolio At the moment, I have 10 per cent in cash, 10 per cent in Chinese equities and 20 per cent in funds, some tied to the top companies in the UK. I'm also interested in the energy sector. The rest of my investments are well diversified in a variety of funds. I also hold about 10 per cent in gold. Reviews his portfolioThe world has changed a lot this quarter, although I'm in for the long term. I don't mind fluctuation. I know that in the next 10 years, these funds will perform. I'm not too fussed - as long as I'm achieving 6 per cent to 10 per cent annually.


Gary Dugan, chief investment officer for private banking at Emirates NBD

In his portfolio Stocks are about 40 per cent, while commodities such as gold and agricultural products make up about 10 per cent. Another 10 per cent is in absolute-return strategies, which are liquid hedge funds. The remaining balance is in bonds, spread out through the MENA region, emerging markets and US. Reviews his portfolio I have weekly strategy meetings to agree on any tactical changes. Investors should evaluate investments on an annual basis and speak to an adviser as to whether it's appropriate given the circumstances and my risk appetite. But if worried, it's best to check in on a quarterly basis.


Sarah Lord, wealth planning director of Killik & Co-Middle East & Asia

In her portfolio I'm heavily weighted towards equity in emerging markets, but there's always an element of diversification. The rest is equity exposure spread out over a variety of classes, including the use of gold funds. Finally, I'll always have cash on hand. Reviews her portfolio I evaluate my investments every two or three months, unless there are significant economic or market triggers. I probably reviewed it more going through the financial crisis, although I wouldn't necessarily change anything. As a general rule, I suggest clients look seriously at their portfolio on a quarterly basis.


Vince D Truong, Senior Financial Planner of Holborn Assets

In his portfolio US stocks make up half of my portfolio, while non-US stocks make up another 28 per cent. These equities span a number of industries, including information technology, health care and financial services. Consumer goods, energy and utilities are also of interest. The portfolio is diversified with about 3 per cent held in cash as well as another 3 per cent in bonds. Reviews his portfolio I'm actually too weighted at the moment in emerging markets. I check it occasionally, but, unfortunately, my portfolio is often the last one I take care of.