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Techophile: In lieu of steady hands, try these image stabilisers

Hardware with a small profile can help you keep your image capturer in a stable and locked position.

The Glif

Who it's for Those who like to keep using their iPhone whenever a situation arises where their hands are needed elsewhere (like typing on a keyboard or holding a Double Whopper with cheese).

What it does The real question is what doesn't it do? The Glif, which at first glance looks like some part of a larger device that must have come loose, can prop up your iPhone in landscape or portrait positions for watching movies, act as a sturdy tripod mount for making movies, and even serve as an "antennae guard" for the pesky problem some iPhone users have when their phone signal cuts off while holding it in certain positions.

Why it works For power mobile users, it's simple and compact. It has no moving parts and can fit in any pocket without affecting your posture. It's so useful, however, you might find yourself driving all the way back home if you left it on a table somewhere.




Who it's for Smartphone users or shutterbugs who are frustrated because they have the perfect shot in mind, but it requires dangling their device off a tree branch on a windy day.

What it does This tripod can be stretched, wrapped or adjusted to balance your camera or smartphone on any surface, or even hang from any perch.

Why it works The Gorillapod gets its contortionist skills thanks to its flexible ball-and-socket joints on each leg, which are highly adjustable, yet remain sturdy once you get them in place. Various attachments and sizes are available to cater to your particular device.

Dh110 to Dh400


Cullmann 52501

Who it's for Serious, if thrifty, photographers and movie makers with serious intentions who need serious equipment. It's built for high-end point-and-shoot cameras, but can also handle small SLR systems.

What it does The Cullman 52501 is an aluminium tripod that rises up to 140 centimetres, and offers a three-way head mount, sturdy adjustment clips to hold the legs in position and rubber-padded feet in case it needs to be set on an incline.

Why it works The Cullman 52501 is a very useful travel tripod because it can fold down to just 50cm in length. It weighs a bit over a kilogram, and for long hauls has rubber wrapped around its legs so it won't become uncomfortable on a cameraman's shoulders. It's also a good, affordable choice for those who need to set up shots in tight spaces.