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Technophile: Take your calls the way you like with the right phone

From personal style to the operating system that suits you best, find the smartphone that works for you.

The HTC Desire.
The HTC Desire.

Acer Ferrari Liquid E

The phone If you are a Formula One fanatic and fancy a gadget that represents the soul of racing, then this phone is for you. The Liquid E combines powerful performance with a personalised interface and allows the user to enjoy the thrill of the Gran Premio with the press of a button.

The extras The Android phone boasts a bold yet elegant design. It packs a microphone that resembles an air inlet from the classic Ferrari, a five-megapixel camera, built-in GPS and a 3.5-inch touchscreen. The back of the phone sports the famous black prancing horse logo. Acer has also included links to Ferrari's official Twitter feed, Facebook page and website for fans to follow the team's fortunes on the track.

The call Despite complaints about battery performance, the chunky design and limited speed, it is sure to find favour with hard-core F1 fans and is unlikely to lose its attraction as fast as other phones.



iPhone 4 (16GB)

The phone Although not everyone will passionately embrace the iPhone 4, with its new look and feel, there are plenty of upgrades in this version that make it more functional and practical, which cement Apple's reputation as the leading smartphone maker.

The extras With an improved battery life, the A4 processor ensures everything runs smoother. The phone's front-facing VGA camera can be used to make video calls to other iPhone 4 users over a Wi-Fi network. Its special "retina display" has four times the resolution of its predecessor, the 3GS.

The call The gadget is a big step forward for iPhone fans, while the critics say it's just another rehash. But there is no denying that this phone is tempting. However, it's worth knowing that the iPhone 5 will be released later this year.



HTC Wildfire

The phone If you are looking for a smartphone that offers both style and substance at a reasonable price, then you can't go wrong with the Wildfire, which operates on the Android operating system. Slim enough to fit in your pocket, it is great for social networking sites.

The extras Enjoy games, switch from one task to another, zoom in on a web page simply by pinching the screen and download an assortment of mobile applications for free from the Android Market. A unique feature of this phone is that you can have your GPS mark the location where each picture has been taken, allowing you to remember where you were at the time. The touchscreen phone has a five-megapixel camera with flash, an SD-card slot, Wi-Fi and 3G.

The call Compared with its rivals, the Wildfire offers good value for money, especially when you consider its capabilities.