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Technophile: Tablet styluses with style

Curt Brandao on the stylus pens that are revolutionising the way we use our tablets.

AmazonBasics Stylus.
AmazonBasics Stylus.

AmazonBasics Stylus

What it is There are way more pluses than minuses when it comes to capacitive touchscreens, but sometimes it's hard to see them all when your tablet screen is streaked with greasy finger smudges. The AmazonBasics Stylus is one of several index-finger replacements available.

What it works with The AmazonBasics Stylus works with the Kindle Fire (of course), iPad, Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy Tab, BlackBerry and Playbook.

How it does it Like most tablet styluses, the AmazonBasics acts as a conductor for the electrical impulses coming from your human digits, fooling your tablet into thinking it is a thinner, cooler, more accurate version of your index finger


Hard Candy Cases Stylus

What it is The dual- purpose Candy Cases Stylus knows that sometimes it would be nice if your pen-like device also came with an actual pen - on one side is a capacitive stylus and the other an old-school, 20th-century ballpoint writing instrument.

What it works with Most all capacitive touchscreen devices, including the iPad, iPod Touch, HTC Desire, as well as MacBook Pro track pads.

How it does it An aluminium cap keeps the stylus protected when not in use, and the pen is designed with a refillable ink reservoir.



Griffin GC16040 Stylus

What it is The GC16040 is a simple, functional stylus with an omnidirectional rubber tip, which makes it useful for digital artists or photographers. Like all styluses, it is also very useful for those wishing to interact with their tablets while wearing gloves and those with long fingernails.

What it works with The GC16040 works with most capacitive-touchscreen devices, including the Kindle Fire and iPad.

How it does it Griffin's stylus has a nice rounded tip that rolls easily across an iPad's touchscreen, offering pretty good control and accuracy for a good price.