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Technophile: Smartphone accessories for snappier snaps

Three camera lens systems that boost your smartphone's photography capabilities.

iPro Lens System.
iPro Lens System.

iPro Lens System

What it is One of the many-stated goals on the multipurpose smartphone's manifesto is to obliterate the need for all other devices - the digital camera chief among them. Many (like the iPhone) are almost there, and lens attachments like the iPro Lens are helping them realise this goal.

How it looks The iPro Lens System comes with a wide-angle and fish-eye lens. Each is designed to conveniently screw into the tripod mount when not in use. The mount and lenses then attach to a specially designed iPhone case.

Who's it for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S users who travel a lot and want to take a lot of pictures and videos that don't look like they came from a smartphone.



Easy Macro Cell Lens Band

What it is The Easy Macro Cell Lens Band is a super-simple solution to smartphone lens attachments, wrapping itself around your smartphone (not just iPhones) and making sure your camera is ready for close-ups.

How it looks If you had to design a way to keep a lens attachment secured to your phone, what would you do? Well, that's what this does - the lens is held in place with a simple rubber band.

Who's it for The Easy Macro Cell Lens Band is a quick, casual and creative solution for smartphone users who want to take interesting close-up photos for use with Facebook, Instagram or the like. They're a bit flimsy, though, so you might want to buy several in case the first one wears out.



Olloclip iPhone Camera Lens System

What it is The Olloclip system for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S features a wide-angle, fish-eye and macro lens. It comes with lens caps and a storage bag that can also serve as a cleaning cloth.

How it looks The Olloclip lenses all fasten securely over the top left corner of your iPhone, and locks into position (no need to line it up with the phone's camera lens).

Who's it for iPhone users who want to get the most out of their almost-good-enough smartphone camera, and optimise their photos, videos and even FaceTime chats.