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Technophile: Shedding a little light on e-readers

Curt Brandao reviews three reading lights designed especially for e-readers.

Kindle Lighted Leather Cover
Kindle Lighted Leather Cover

Kindle Lighted Leather Cover

What it is It seems there are two types of people in this world: those who can read an entire novel on an iPad or a Kindle Fire as backlit screens sizzle their retinas, and those over 35 years of age. That's one reason why e-readers, most of which rely on reflected light just like old-fashioned regular books, are so popular. But also, like regular books, e-ink devices require reading lights in dark areas and the Kindle Lighted Leather Cover offers an elegant solution.

How it works The Kindle Lighted Leather Cover features a retractable LED reading light that juts out from the right side and hovers over your Kindle, lighting up the entire reading surface. It attaches to and draws its power from the e-reader, therefore requiring no charging (although it will put a noticeable drain on your Kindle's battery).

Who it's for Night readers in bed or on a plane who don't want to fiddle with scrounging around for a separate reading light in the dark.



Lyra Light for Nook

What it is Designed by Barnes & Noble to work with its Nook, the Lyra Light offers one of the best light solutions for the e-reader.

How it works Its flexible neck easily brightens the screen, while its cushioned grip is designed not to overlap the Nook's screen. It can be securely fastened into a groove on the top or the upper right side of the device, but make sure the "n" on the clip is facing you.

Who it's for Nook aficionados who prefer to read in the dark for whatever reason, including not having to answer the "is that a Kindle?" question over and over by countless passers-by.




What it is The perfectly named Kandle can illuminate Kindles, as well as other e-book readers and your entire collection of old Nancy Drew mysteries sitting in the attic, for that matter.

How it works Its compact, sturdy design and two LEDs allow it to brighten e-readers without popping off when you change positions in your plane seat, bed or sofa. The Kandle's "WideLip" construction lets it hover atop your device without blocking the screen.

Who it's for Night readers who want their light source to stay put and not accidentally bend to illuminate the wall when they set their e-readers down (hopefully) to go to the bathroom.