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Technophile: Rise and shine, sleepy head

These clocks will wake you up, or possibly break themselves trying.

Philips Wake-up light.
Philips Wake-up light.

Philips Wake Up Light

What it does The Philips Wake Up Light shuns the alarm-clock model and instead eases you back into consciousness by slowly increasing its brightness (like the morning sun), starting about 30 minutes before you want to wake up. It can also wake you up with its digital FM radio or other pre-programmed "wake-up" sounds, which also slowly increase in volume over half an hour.

How it looks The Wake Up Light is contained in what appears to be a not-that-small cylindrical bucket of lukewarm sunshine.

Who it's for Light sleepers who neither want nor need to burst forth from their slumber with a jolt of adrenalin, but rather an extended, even reflective, glide back into an awake state.



Mr Bump Off The Wall Alarm Clock

What it does Some of the sleepy heads among us are inclined to kill the messenger, or at least throw it at the wall at great velocity. Mr Bump is not only prepared for this, but requires just that if you want to turn it off.

How it looks Based on a character from the Mr Men children's book series, Mr Bump is a rubber ball that sits on a pedestal with a permanent expression that suggests he expects the worst.

Who it's for Deep sleepers with, perhaps, impulse-control issues and very few breakable items in their bedrooms.




What it does Clocky knows what it has to do and knows you're probably not going to like it, so when its alarm goes off it can run away - to live to rouse another day. When the time is right, Clocky sounds an alarm and if you don't turn it off fast enough, it will drive off your bedside table and on to the floor, requiring you to chase it around the room to turn it off.

How it looks One of the few alarm clocks around with wheels and an axel, Clocky comes in several colours. It resembles an old push lawnmower minus the steering shaft.

Who it's for People who sleep so hard they can only be woken by actual chaos in their bedroom. If Clocky won't do the trick, certainly your completely freaked-out cat will, although in a couple of days Fluffy will probably wise up and start sleeping in another part of the house.