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Technophile: Portable playback poses a tough choice

Portable DVD players can entertain on the go, allowing you to save your laptop battery for more important things, but the decision can come down to better resolution or longer battery life.

Insignia NS-PDVD8

Specs The NS-PDVD8 features an 8.5-inch swivel screen that can even fold down so you can view your videos tablet-style. It also comes with three headphone jacks, allowing everyone in your row to hear the movie on the plane. Oddly, however, the remote control (which always seem extraneous for a device that should never be more than an arm's length away) doesn't have a volume control.

Playback Expect about four hours of battery life out of the NS-PDVD8, enough for two standard movies (or one of The Lord of the Rings movies).

Showtime The NS-PDVD8 is good value for the price, and offers some flexibility with viewing options, but don't expect great sound, long battery life or amazing video quality - still, it's more than good enough for your kid's 108th viewing of Shrek 3, saving your notebook's battery for more business-related business.



Sony DVP-FX930

Specs The DVP-FX930 comes with a high-resolution nine-inch screen and weighs more than 1.2 kilograms - pretty heavy for a portable DVD player. It also comes with a convenient car adapter, and ships with a remote control and AV cables.

Playback Sony's DVP-FX930 shines with a high-resolution LCD screen, two headphone jacks and up to six hours of battery life. It can also play MP3 audio files and display photos if they are burnt onto a CD or DVD.

Showtime You get what you pay for, and those who watch a lot of DVDs on the go will find the DVP-FX930 a sound investment.



Panasonic DMP-B100

Specs The DMP-B100 boasts the ability to play your Blu-ray discs on the road, though you may not fully appreciate all the medium has to offer on a portable 8.9-inch LCD screen. It also has a unique, mini-desktop design, and allows you to move the screen back and forth to get just the right non-glare angle. However, it has only one headphone jack.

Playback The DMP-B100 promises only a three-hour battery life and a feature-rich, though complicated remote control.

Showtime While the Blu-ray resolution leaves a lot to be desired, the DMP-B100 will provide a viewing experience a step above normal portable DVD players. But it's relatively short battery life means you won't get to enjoy the visual benefits for long.