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Technophile: Pack power when you travel

Curt Brandao reviews the portable chargers that can keep your gadgets up and running while on the road.


The outside This slick and small, but powerful, external battery for Apple products has an aluminium case. It's just 18 centimetres long and weighs about 770 grams. It is compatible with Apple's MagSafe power connector and also features a USB port that can power other gadgets.

The inside Its 60-watt-hour lithium ion battery can add 20 hours to your MacBook, 24 to your iPad and fully recharge an iPhone up to 14 times.

Who it's for Mac users who travel a lot will find much to love in the HyperJuice. However, to charge a MacBook, it will require an Apple MagSafe Airline Adapter, which is not included. And although it will power larger laptops like the 15- and 17-inch MacBook Pro, it will do so much less efficiently.


Powertraveller Powergorilla

The outside This compact external battery is about 24cm long and weighs just 630 grams. It features an LCD screen, which displays the output voltage. It comes with a carry case, a car-charger socket, various connectors for major brands (BlackBerry, Motorola, etc) and an A/C adapter that works in 150 countries.

The inside Its high-density lithium polymer battery can add a couple of hours of use for a laptop; more for smartphones and smaller gadgets. It gives you control of its voltage output (select 5v, 16v, 19v or 24v) depending on the type of device you want to charge.

Who it's for Just about anyone who has anything that needs to be charged can make use of the Powergorilla because it works with everything, from iPods to laptops to smartphones. However, with great power comes great responsibility - do you know how many volts an iPad 2 takes?


OEM Motorola P793 Charger

The outside This tiny travel charger is about 10cm long and weighs less than 100 grams. It can charge two devices at once thanks to a built-in micro-USB cable and its USBA port.

The inside Its rechargeable lithium ion battery can add about five hours of talk time to most phones, while its LED indicator light keeps you up-to-date on charging status and power levels. The P793 automatically shuts off when no device is plugged into it, or when devices are fully charged.

Who it's for The P793 is designed for cost-conscious gadget lovers who only need to double up on their power demands for smaller devices (smartphones, iPads, Android tablets) and want a solution that fits in their pocket.