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Technophile: Keep your workout on pace with a smartphone armband

For gym rats, smartphone armbands are no-brainers in every sense of the word. Curt Brandao reviews three of his favourites.

SM-ARMBAND: Sports Armband for Smartphones by Arkon
SM-ARMBAND: Sports Armband for Smartphones by Arkon

Belkin DualFit Armband

How it looks For gym rats, smartphone armbands are no-brainers in every sense of the word. They're must-haves for keeping your workouts on a sound track, of course. But wearing them also allows you to sing to yourself and shut off all thought - which is good because brains on a treadmill usually just think "stop" over and over. Models like the black, neoprene Belkin DualFit Armband are among many that are up to the task.

What it fits The Belkin DualFit is built for the iPhone 4 and remains flexible in all weather conditions. Its special Velcro closure allows it to be woven through two openings in the band, meaning it can be adjusted to fit arms both large and small.

Who it's for iPhone-enabled exercisers who workout indoors and outdoors, since it comes with a reflective band and its water-resistant material can protect your smartphone from occasional drizzle.



Tune Belt Sport Armband

How it looks The neoprene Tune Belt Sport is also made of a comfy neoprene fabric, but is big enough to house some of the larger smartphones on the market. It also comes with a cord flap for your ear buds and a protective window that allows for full control of your device.

What it fits The Tune Belt can hold devices that are up to 12.5-centimetres long, including the Droid X, HTC ThunderBolt and Samsung Galaxy S.

Who it's for Non-iPhone smartphone users who don't use protective covers on their devices (as they tend to stick to the inside of the Tune Belt's plastic window). It's also big enough for iPhone users who don't want to take their devices out of a bumper case.




How it looks The SM-Armband keeps your smartphone wrapped in a plastic bubble and puts it front and centre, attached to a neoprene armband with an adjustable Velcro strap. It also boasts an ample storage pouch for money, keys or other small, but necessary, items.

What it fits The versatile SM-Armband can handle many smartphones, from iPhones to BlackBerrys to Droids - anything up to 12cm tall.

Who it's for Perfect for exercisers who have their gym music spread across multiple devices of varying sizes. Plus, its highly durable neoprene strap will hold up even through the toughest workouts.