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Technophile: iPad perches

Prop up your tablet computer with these stylish mounts.

Stereo Speaker Dock for iPad, iPhone and iPod by iLuv.
Stereo Speaker Dock for iPad, iPhone and iPod by iLuv.

iLuv ArtStation Pro

The stand It seems everybody is in love with their iPad - at least as measured by how hard it is to pry one from any given owner's hands. Many iPad lovers exhibit the kind of relationship commitment that rivals Paris Hilton's devotion to her purse pooch. Still, love hurts, and stands like the iLuv ArtStation Pro aim to fill in when your hand muscles begin to spasm.

The features The ArtStation Pro mount seems to turn your iPad into a faux computer, although you'll still need a not-included keyboard if you want it to succeed as a desktop understudy. But once docked, your iPad will be able to deliver rich stereo sound. The included iLuv app offers more than 40,000 internet radio stations from which to choose your tunes. The dock also comes with a multifunction remote.

The target For those willing to meet the iPad more than halfway when trying to fulfil their computer demands (students, perhaps), the ArtStation Pro offers them an almost halfway solution. It is compatible with all iPads, and also works for iPhones and some iPods.



Griffin Cabinet Mount

The stand The sturdy, flexible Griffin Cabinet Mount can be affixed underneath or on the side of anything that's not likely to blow away, and will hold your iPad firmly in place for all your multimedia-viewing pleasure.

The features The mount grasps all four corners of your iPad and holds it in semi-soft plastic. Once secure, you can then rotate your precious tablet 360 degrees, which is handy if you're running around the kitchen or garage trying to get semi-serious work done between downloaded episodes of The Simpsons.

The target 21st-century cooks who've digitised and encrypted all their grandmother's secret recipes will find this stand perfect for their kitchens.



iCADE iPad arcade cabinet

The stand The iCADE transforms your iPad into a sawed-off desktop arcade game, complete with a bright red frame and a retro control panel.

The features The stand works with 100 compatible Atari apps (it comes with the Atari Greatest Hits app - others you will find in the App Store sold separately). The retro design is true to our distant teenage memories and includes full-sized controls.

The target The iCADE may not be the cure-all for an all-out mid-life crisis, but through it you might be able to assuage some level of unspoken angst, especially if you can best that high score you set on Centipede in 1982.