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Technophile: Get your gadgets travel-ready

Curt Brandao rounds up three handy gadgets that help to make travelling a breeze.

The X-Doria CampFire iPad stand.
The X-Doria CampFire iPad stand.

X-Doria CampFire

What it is Most iPad users would never think to expose their favourite gadget to the elements any more than a pet owner would set their Pomeranian loose in the Serengeti. But some don't mind putting an asterisk next to the phrase "getting away from it all" if that means they can download an entire season of Game of Thrones while roasting marshmallows outside their tents. Accessories such as the CampFire iPad stand can help them do just that.

How it works Think of the CampFire as a kind of sleeping bag for your iPad that can pull double duty when pulled inside out to become a plush stand with a firm mount in front.

Who it's for The CampFire works well indoors for those who prefer to keep their iPads on their laps rather than on their coffee tables. Outdoors, it can save your gadget from the elements and perhaps even a curious bear, assuming you don't leave half a chocolate bar wedged inside it.



Scottevest Travel Vest

What it is Clothes from Scottevest are designed to make the high-tech, all-weather traveller sleek, mobile and, well, normal looking. The company's Travel Vest also has a perfect inside pouch that's just big enough for an iPad or other similar-sized devices.

How it works The water-resistant Travel Vest has 24 pockets and pouches that feature a patented "NoBulge" design that seems self-explanatory. It can hold so much, in fact, that it might save you airline baggage fees.

Who it's for Gadget lovers who want to traverse the trails incognito with their entire digital menagerie. But keep in mind that its vest pouch is only big enough for the iPad in sizes medium or larger.




What it is The DryCASE serves as a waterproof sheath for your iPad, as well as other tablets, such as Galaxy, and Kindle devices. It comes with a neoprene armband and even a lanyard - if you like to wear your tablet around your neck on the beach.

How it works The DryCASE not only wraps around your device, but vacuum seals it. It also provides an integrated headphone jack.

Who it's for Water enthusiasts who like to take an occasional Web-browsing break while enjoying the sand and surf. The vacuum seal might not hold up to rigorous use, but the DryCASE does come with a one-year warranty.