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Technophile: Get where you're going with GPS devices

GPS devices offer simple, full-featured location services while on the road.

TomTom GO 2505 TM. Courtesy TomTom International BV
TomTom GO 2505 TM. Courtesy TomTom International BV

TomTom GO 2505

The interface The 2505 features a large five-inch touchscreen interface with a very bright screen and attaches to car windows with a suction cup. The screen is also quite glossy, however, and could generate glare depending on the angle of the sun as you drive.

The guidance The highly responsive screen allows you to zoom into maps with a pinch of your fingers, and even features Bluetooth hands-free calling and voice commands. It has big buttons on its home screen, though the full-featured TomTom Go 2505's menu options will take some getting used to in order to use it safely while in motion.

Road readiness The device comes with power cables and is secured by a suction-cup cradle placed on the windscreen that has a sturdy locking mechanism, and the device is held in its cradle by magnets. The TomTom Go shouldn't go anywhere, even in the bumpiest of rides.



Garmin Nuvi 3790T

The interface The 3790T has perhaps one of the sleekest form factors of any GPS navigation system around. It's weighs only 113 grams and is less than a centimetre thick, though thinness is not something you might notice or appreciate once the regular 4.3-inch display is staring at you from the windscreen.

The guidance The 3790T features a capacitive display that requires the slightest of touch to operate. It also features an easy-to-use voice-command system that can be used to turn on the device.

Road readiness The 3790T comes with a suction-cup dock and power cables. It's got all the features anyone will need, and is a good choice for those who always think thin is in or often need to take their GPS capabilities out of the car and onto the pavement.



Magellan RoadMate 1470

The interface Considering its affordable price range, the 1470 features a relatively large 4.7-inch touchscreen with a glare-resistant matte finish. It has a countdown clock that will warn the user that it is about to shut down to save power.

The guidance The 1470 delivers a simple, big-button interface that is easy and intuitive to navigate, and anticipates street names as you try to spell them when keying in specific addresses.

Road readiness The 1470 comes with several mounting options, including an adhesive plate so you can stick it on your dashboard. The suction-cup cradle is sturdy enough for city driving, but might lose its grip in rough terrain.