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Technophile: Get into the game with the right console

Three consoles offer different features depending on whether you're looking for a pure gaming experience, something for the whole family or an entertainment system.

The PlayStation PS3 recently added the Move, its answer to motion-censor gaming.
The PlayStation PS3 recently added the Move, its answer to motion-censor gaming.

Nintendo Wii

The console It is safe to say that the Wii is responsible for revolutionising the home-gaming market with its interactive games and great graphics. And, after selling a massive 86 million units since its launch in 2006 to the end of last month, there's more to come. Nintendo, the Japanese company that owns Wii, this week confirmed it would be launching the next generation of Wii in 2012 - news that will make millions of fans very happy.

The extras The Wii has a host of accessories, from the exercise mat, to golf clubs, tennis rackets and steering wheels, not to mention internet access and the ability to buy games online - or even Google cheat sheets to get you through that next level on Super Mario.

The decision You can't go wrong with the Wii. It's child friendly and perfect for the long summers here, when it's difficult to exercise outside and you are craving a game of golf, tennis or beach volleyball.



Kinect Sensor + XBox 360 Premium Console 4GB

The console Gaming has come a long way since the Atari in the late 1970s, when kids the world over were impressed with the 2D graphics on offer. Those kids are now adults and they are literally immersing themselves in the 21st-century world of gaming. Microsoft's Kinect is probably the most interactive console on the market at the moment, allowing you to control everything with the wave of a hand.

The extras From kicking balls to bowling balls to dancing and playing with animals that respond to your voice, controllers are so passé these days that they are not needed here. The body sensor is pretty amazing, too, and automatically takes a video of you playing games. It offers a range of multimedia options, such as watching HD movies and listening to music - again, with the wave of a hand.

The decision Move away from the body sensor and suddenly you've lost all momentum and find yourself being beaten at the finishing line. If you live in a shoebox, it will be hard to stand the required distance away from the sensor to "capture" the full experience. But this is the future of gaming and hard not to pass up.



Sony PlayStation PS3

The console Three big names in the home gaming market - Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony - make for an interesting battle. And each one has its devoted followers. Sony didn't enter the fray until 1996, but then again, Microsoft was even slower off the starting blocks. The PlayStation PS3 is a sleek, modern design and is up there with the best.

The extras You can stream music, videos and photos from your laptop computer, hook up to the internet or watch Blu-ray movies or listen to CDs. Oh, and play games. Some would say the PlayStation is the complete home-entertainment centre.

The decision Depending on the version you opt for, the PlayStation can be pricier than its rivals. But what you get in return is well worth the money.