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Technophile: Flashy flash drives

Three unforgettable USB flash drives that you might use just enough not to lose.

Photofast iFlashDrive
Photofast iFlashDrive


How it looks From the makers of the Swiss Army Knife comes a flash drive that not only helps you survive the elements, but also gives you ample storage for all the photos and videos you took to prove you were out in those very same elements surviving them.

Storage and … ? The SwissFlash comes in several storage capacities up to 16GB (standby for a pricey 1-terabyte version coming soon), along with the familiar small blade, nail file with screwdriver and scissors.

Who's it for Aside from receipts and coupons, flash drives are among the most misplaced items on the planet - primarily because we still don't need to use them every day. SwissFlash is one of the only flash drives that can help us tear into a FedEx package, and that's why it's more likely to end up in our pockets and purses and stay there.




How it looks The small-but-sturdy iFlashDrive comes in three versions (8GB, 16GB and 32B) and features both a USB connector and a 30-pin dock connector for your iOS device (iPhone, iPad).

Storage and … ? Built solely for Apple devotees, the iFlashDrive allows you to physically transfer files (or as close as you can come to it in the digital age) between devices. It's companion app allows you to view documents, backup files, store voice recordings and do magical things that for some reason are hard to do on iOS devices, like copy and delete files.

Who's it for Busy iPhone and iPad users who know they can transfer files between devices in a more "hands-free" way, but just don't want to bother learning how.



Pico USB Flash Drive

How it looks The silver Pico USB Flash Drive barely looks like anything because it's so, so small (barely 3cm long and less than 4mm thick).

Storage and … ? The Pico drive stores files and that's about it - but you'll never want to leave home without it just for its added value as a conversation piece. Just tape it to something more substantial in size so you don't lose it in your pocket, like a dirham coin or the spare button that comes with your trousers.

Who's it for Those who are so obsessed with all things small that they ironically need flash storage of up to 32GB to contain it.