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Technophile: Don't let a little water stop you from taking photos

Curt Brandao reviews three devices that can record magic moments while swimming or snorkelling.

Liquid Image Explorer Series, Dh367.
Liquid Image Explorer Series, Dh367.

Liquid Image Explorer Series 5.0MP

Sea legs Electronics and water are natural enemies (electronics are the gazelles and water is the lion). But specialised devices like the Liquid Image Explorer - a diving mask with a built-in digital camera - allow the two to peacefully co-exist while delivering quality underwater photos and videos.

Waterproof The Liquid Image Explorer can handle depths of up to 5 metres and comes with 16MB of internal memory, which amounts to about 27 high-res photos or about a minute of video. However, it also comes with a MicroSD slot that can add up to 2GB of storage and the mask runs on two AAA batteries. Simply plug the mask into your computer to download photos just like any other camera (although the included software works with PCs only).

Seaworthiness The mask allows for hands-free underwater photography, which comes in handy since swimming often requires the full attention of all our limbs. Cross hairs are printed on the goggles, allowing divers to line up their shots, and an LED inside indicates photo and video modes.



Kodak C123 Sport

Sea legs The diminutive yet robust Kodak C123 can deliver 12 megapixel photos and videos in harsh conditions, including underwater. Using Kodak's "share" feature, photo enthusiasts can tag their photos or videos for immediate uploading to Facebook or particular e-mail addresses as soon as the device is connected to a computer.

Waterproof The Kodak C123 works underwater at depths of up to 3m, perfect for the pool or snorkelling. The camera is also "dust proof", meaning you can take it almost anywhere without constantly worrying that it will succumb to the elements. It operates with two AA batteries.

Seaworthiness The camera possesses most of the features you'll find in any point-and-shoot digital camera, including a 2.4-inch LCD screen, face detection and automatic camera settings. But it also comes with a buoyant wrist strap, which is vital since the camera can do almost anything underwater except float.



DicaPac WP410 Waterproof Case

Sea legs Although the DicaPac WP410 won't take pictures or videos in and of itself, it will turn that landlubber point-and-shoot you already have into a full-fledged digital submersible that floats if you lose your grip.

Waterproof Cameras enveloped in the DicaPac WP410 will be safe and dry at depths of up to 5m thanks to a patented Velcro zipper design that also gives underwater photographers full access to all their camera's buttons. A special polycarbonate lens opening allows you to also make full use of your camera's zoom capabilities.

Seaworthiness The one-size-fits-almost-all DicaPac WP410 will work for about 200 cameras of various brands and is the perfect solution for those who plan to be totally immersed in an aquatic fling, but do not need digital waterproofing all year round.