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Technophile: Digital photo frames

Digital photo frames offer a broad range of features - some can serve as substitute computer monitors, while others can be accessed and udated from anywhere in the world.

KODAK PULSE Digital Frame / W1030 / 10 in. Photo courtesy Kodak
KODAK PULSE Digital Frame / W1030 / 10 in. Photo courtesy Kodak

Kodak Pulse Digital Frame W1030

The focus This Wi-Fi enabled glossy digital photo frame with a 10.4-inch touch screen offers a laundry list of features for the power user, including the ability to fill it with a constant stream of new content over the Web from anywhere in the world.

The spotlight The Pulse can download photos from Facebook albums, your mobile phone and even its own unique e-mail address. Photos from all sources appear on the screen almost instantly at a vivid 800x600-pixel resolution. It comes with 512MB of internal memory, a USB port and two card slots.

Snap decision Perhaps the best option for people who want to see the latest and greatest photos from friends and family, although it might be a bit too feature-rich for the digitally challenged. But once the Wi-Fi capability is set up, it can be managed through the internet, so your loved ones should be able to just sit back and enjoy the (continuously updating) show. Since it conducts its business through the Web, however, be prepared for the occasional panicked call from your parents asking: "What's a 'firmware update'?"

Cost: Dh734


Ultra Slim Samsung SPF-87H

The focus Less than an inch wide, the Ultra Slim SPF-87H boasts an eight-inch screen and a 800x480-pixel resolution. It has 1GB of internal memory, a USB-based power supply and an SD slot for uploading images from your camera's flash memory.

The spotlight The software provides slideshow options that include showing multiple photos at once. It also comes with a remote, which may prove handy because the controls, tucked under the frame, can be hard to reach. The frame can also pull double duty as a substitute computer monitor.

Snap decision Its sleek, chic, eco-friendly design makes the Ultra Slim a stylish choice, although it's a bit pricey considering the somewhat limited feature set. It's hard to imagine using it as a computer monitor for the long haul, but it would be nice to know you had the option in a pinch.

Cost: Dh499


Sony DPF-D82

The focus This device's eight-inch LCD digital photo display rests in a wide, black, matte-finish frame. It comes with 1GB of memory, which can hold about 2,000 images, and its multi-slot reader can interface with most flash-memory formats.

The spotlight The DPF-D82 is not crammed with extras, but it has a 800x400-pixel resolution and can present photos in thumbnail and slideshow views. It also detects whether pictures should be presented in portrait or landscape mode. The software offers a clock and calendar, and the hardware includes a remote control.

Snap decision This is a simple digital photo frame that boasts vivid colours and an easy-to-use interface. It's short on bells and whistles (aka headaches for the tech-averse), but parents and grandparents who simply wish to see 2,000 pictures of baby's first birthday might consider that its most compelling feature.

Cost: Dh437