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Technophile: Desktop clean-up

Three compact dust-busting gadgets to help clean up your work space.

FELLOWES 99790 Air Duster
FELLOWES 99790 Air Duster

Dirt Devil Detailer

What it is We've all read the stories about how keyboards harbour more harmful bacteria than toilets. Actually, it was just one study that made the news in 2008, but such things tend to stick in our heads like, well, bacteria on a keyboard. Fortunately, there are tools that can maintain your desktop at non-lethal levels, including the Dirt Devil Detailer, a cordless hand-held vacuum that can keep your home row nice and tidy.

What it does It can suck up tiny, loose debris such as crumbs, dust and cat hair. Its recharge cradle also houses a brush attachment that helps you to reach deep crevices on the keyboard.

Who it's for You don't have to be a neat freak to make good use of the Dirt Devil Detailer, but the vacuum is best suited for weekly, if not daily use. Once some dirt or goo gets a firm grip on your keys, don't expect the Detailer to suck it up.



Cyber Clean 25055

What it is Think of Cyber Clean as not-so-silly Silly Putty, a viscous blob that can clean complex surfaces, such as remotes, keyboards or game controllers.

What it does Once you press Cyber Clean down on almost any gadget, it moulds itself into the grooves, taking stubborn smudges or gunk with it as you pull it up.

Who it's for Those who consider cleaning their work area to be a biannual endeavour, at best, and need something with a good grip to unhinge all the nasty stuff they've let accrue over the years. Cyber Clean's makers say it "microencapsulates" the dirt and changes colour when it's worn out, so after a while, you might feel better using it with a pair of rubber gloves.



Fellowes Air Duster

What it is The desktop equivalent of a leaf blower, cans of compressed air such as the Fellowes Air Duster can be a quick, effective way to clean all the nooks and crannies found on a typical keyboard.

What it does With the help of a long, attachable straw nozzle, the Air Duster packs enough punch to blow dust and dirt away from any keyboard, as well as computer cooling vents, which can also get clogged by lint and debris.

Who it's for Gadget lovers who want their favourite devices to get clean in a hurry and don't mind if the dust and dirt they're removing eventually drifts back down and settles somewhere just a few centimetres away.