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Technophile: Channel your inner Dick Tracy with these smartwatches

Your phone isn't the only device multitasking these days. Felicity Glover reviews three smartwatches.

The Pebble e-Paper Watch.
The Pebble e-Paper Watch.

Sony SmartWatch

How it looks The smartwatch concept conjures memories of the 1940s comic-strip hero Dick Tracy and that cool two-way radio timepiece he'd wear on his wrist to communicate with HQ. Sony's Android SmartWatch, however, puts wearers in the 21st century with its nod to the classic Apple design and innovative features.

What it does It tells the time, of course, but it also gives you access to the internet and Google Play for a range of supportable apps through its touch screen. Its Bluetooth feature allows you to sync your SmartWatch with your smartphone so you can see who is calling, texting or e-mailing, which is great if you are in a meeting or just want to avoid them.

Who it's for Anybody tired of being weighed down by a plethora of gadgets, but want to stay in touch with the world regardless of what they are doing.



Pebble e-Paper Watch

How it looks Durable and waterproof, the watch side of the Pebble gives you three choices: digital, classic or reading the time in words, which looks a little odd at first.

What it does If there's one smartwatch that will give Sony's SmartWatch a run for its money, it's the Pebble. Its battery lasts seven days on a single charge, while it connects to your Android smartphone or iPhone through Bluetooth. Notifications include who's calling or e-mailing and who's saying what on Twitter and Facebook. It also has some of its own apps to track your workout or run.

Who it's for The sleek, masculine design means it will probably appeal more to the sporty guys among us, but you can't beat the price for what you get.



Luna Tik

How it looks It's not the smartest watch on the market, but it does give you a nifty place to put your iPod Nano: underneath the watch face.

What it does Not as much as its real smartwatch cousins. You can tell the time and listen to music via your sixth- or seventh-generation iPod Nano and that's about it. Think of it as nothing more than a watch that gives you music on the go and you won't be disappointed.

Who it's for Budget-conscious wearers who are not looking to impress with a watch that connects them to the world because they already have a smartphone to do that.