x Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 22 January 2018

New credit card comes with iPhone4

Noor Islamic Bank's new FIT platimum costs Dh1,000 a year but offers much more than that in the value of the goodies it comes with.

At this time of year, many of us will be making resolutions for the new year.

Quitting smoking, spending more time with family and digging ourselves out of debt are just a few of the goals we often strive to achieve. But perhaps the most common resolution of all is to hit the gym and get back in shape.

While the vast majority will fail, the Noor Islamic Bank FIT platinum credit card could give you an edge.

This latest offering, with an annual fee of Dh1,000, comes with a host of unusual benefits, including complimentary membership at health clubs in Abu Dhabi and Dubai and a free iPhone 4.

"We wanted it to be sufficiently different from other cards on the market," says John Chang, the head of consumer banking at Noor Islamic Bank.

"If you're wondering if there is any fine print, there isn't. It's straightforward. Of course, there is an annual fee. But we want you to know you are getting a very good deal because the iPhone 4 is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a lot of cake under the icing."

With a retail value of more than Dh3,000, Mr Chang adds, the free iPhone offers incredible value. However, clients should note that after receiving the phone, it will be linked to a standard du mobile-phone plan.

The complimentary gym membership offers similar value.

At the Big Apple club in Dubai's Emirates Towers, or the InterContinental Hotel in Abu Dhabi, clients will be exempt from the annual fees, which represents thousands of dirhams in savings.

In keeping with promoting good health, Noor Islamic Bank has also partnered with the Health Factory (www.ediet.ae), a catering service providing convenient and healthy meals to your home or office.

"We have arranged for big discounts with the Health Factory," Mr Chang says.

"You receive a 15 per cent discount from those deliveries."

Health benefits aside, there are many other perks to the FIT platinum card.

Signing up for the card will get you 26 coupons for fine-dining restaurants throughout the Emirates with a total cash value of Dh2,600.

Free chauffeur service to and from the airport and access to Marhaba Lounge services, valet parking at major malls and free roadside assistance are all part of the card's benefits.

"We are a long, long way off on the Dh1,000 annual fee," Mr Chang says. "Adding up all the perks, we're talking about a total cash value of almost Dh25,000."