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I have a Master’s degree and earn Dh1,300 – can I move job during probation period?

Keren Bobker is here to help and reveals whether the worker faces a ban.

Keren Bobker

I work as a team leader with a fast-food chain but my salary is only Dh1,300 even though I hold a Master’s degree and three years’ experience. I am still in the probation period so I want to know can I change the job according to my qualifications without facing a six-month ban. I don’t feel this job matches my qualifications and skills so please advise what I could do to secure a better job. AS, Dubai

If anyone leaves a job during the first two years they will automatically receive a six-month ban. This is generally fixed but there are provisions for a ban to be lifted if someone moves job after a full year of service and in this case AS would need to move to a job with a minimum monthly salary of Dh12,000, as he holds at least a bachelor’s degree. He would need to work for 12 months before resigning. While Article 37 of UAE Labour Law states that an employer can terminate the employee within the probationary period without any issues, the law is a little vague regarding what an employee may do. It does not specify that a worker can resign without notice, but nor does it say a worker cannot resign without notice, so unless a contract of employment states differently my advice is to assume that formal notice is required. This assumes that SA is on an unlimited contract.

Keren Bobker is an independent financial adviser with Holborn Assets in Dubai. Contact her at keren@holbornassets.com