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Homefront: 'Who do I complain to about my neighbours' noisy dogs?'

The Abu Dhabi resident says the three dogs bark at each other throughout the day

Dogs at two different houses bark at each other all day, causing a disturbance for the reader. Photo: AFP
Dogs at two different houses bark at each other all day, causing a disturbance for the reader. Photo: AFP

I live in a gated villa community and two of the houses behind me have dogs that bark at each other all day. One house has one dog, and the other has two and they engage in a bark-off from early morning to late afternoon. What steps can I take to try to solve this problem: complain to the pet owners directly, complain to security or email the villa community management? It's not only the noise pollution that concerns me but what will happen to these dogs when temperatures start to pick up. BW, Abu Dhabi

The subject of noise is very emotive and also difficult to control. There is a clear difference between a neighbour having a loud party which will occur perhaps only once in a while to two dogs barking at each other constantly.

As a tenant, you are entitled to quiet enjoyment of the property in return for paying rent, in fact not specifically just for tenants but this right is for everyone.

In your email to me you have already kind of answered your own question. I would definitely start by speaking to the dog owners first to ascertain exactly why the dogs are constantly barking? The weather is good at the moment, so I cannot imagine the dogs being uncomfortable at present but you are right in what you say that as the temperature heats up, they will definitely suffer.

If you do not get satisfaction from the owners, the next option is to speak to the community management and if this also does not bring the desired actions, your last option would be to speak to the Municipality.

Obviously pets like to go outside, especially if they live in a villa; however perhaps their time out of the house will need to be limited if they continue to disturb you or other neighbours.

I found a villa I liked and put in an offer, which the landlady accepted. She also agreed to the number of cheques I wanted to write and some minor repairs to the property that needed doing. Then less than 24 hours later she said she had changed her mind and let it out to another family. Is there anything I can do in a situation like this? She has gone back on her word β€” can she do this? My agent has ignored the situation and simply offered some alternatives I can view. WL, Dubai

When a tenant finds a property they wish to rent, the normal course of action is that a security deposit is given in order to hold the property and prevent it from being marketed to anyone else while the paperwork/contract is being prepared. Unless this deposit is given and sometimes even after it’s given, the landlord can still change his or her mind β€” especially if the agreement is not actually signed so the contractual deal is not complete and is therefore subject to potential changes.

Thankfully this scenario is not that common especially in a tenant's market. This situation unfortunately could become more common as the market shifts to a landlord's market in the future.

The agent can only speak with the landlord on your behalf to try to bring the deal back again but generally is powerless. Offering you alternative properties is the least they can do.

Mario Volpi is the sales and leasing manager at Engel & Volkers. He has worked in the property sector for 34 years in London and Dubai.

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