x Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 23 January 2018

Masdar chief optimistic on cooperation

World Future Energy Summit:Dr Sultan Al Jaber, Masdar chief executive officer on WFES, Masdar and Durban


q What does the attendance of Wen Jiabao at WFES (World Future Energy Summit) say about China's commitment to renewables?

a Sultan Al Jaber, Masdar's chief executive: Premier Wen is regarded as the leading figure for China's economic policy … which clearly lays out an aggressive commitment to expanding China's investments in renewable energy and clean technologies.

q What are the avenues of cooperation between China and the UAE, and Masdar in particular?

a The United Arab Emirates and China enjoy a close relationship. There are several avenues for cooperation between the two countries, and Masdar has a significant role to play in this. Potential areas for collaboration include investment, research, and deployment of renewable energy technologies.

q What success has Masdar's research had in adapting renewables technology, such as solar, to conditions experienced in the Gulf?

a Solar energy has enormous potential in the Gulf, and selection of the right technologies is crucial. Since 2008 Masdar City has been the platform for the International PV Competition, where solar innovators test their energy yield, efficiency, ambient temperature effects, and sand effects. We have 35 suppliers testing thin-film and crystalline panels and these results were taken into account when selecting the panels for inclusion in the Masdar 10 megawatt solar power plant.